I am a medium.  I receive messages through words, smells, sounds, feelings and pictures. Please tap the questions to see the answers.


Q: If you’re loved has passed away, how soon after should you make an appointment?

 Because you’re in grief mode, my professional opinion would be to wait 3 months.

Q: If you’re thinking of giving a gift to someone who you think might like a mediumship reading and you spring it on them.

Please DON’T.  Almost always, the reading won’t be as good as if they had initiated themself.  They walk away disappointed.

Q. Do I need to supply a table or do you work with cards?

A. If you are having a party and want to do individual readings, I will need a quiet place with 2 chairs to work with the client and myself.  I don’t work with cards or need a table.

Q. Will I be assured that the spirit whom I want to connect with will come through?

A. Unfortunately no medium can guarantee who will come through and what they will say.  Spirit always says that its not who you want to hear from but who you need to hear from which really hits home with clients.

Q. How long have you been reading?

A. My path began in 1990.  If you click on Blog, you can read how this wonderful life began.

Q. Who would come to you for a reading?

A. Clients who want to find peace of mind and know that their loved ones are well.  They may also want to validate that there is life after death.  Sometimes they want to contact the spirit due to unfinished business.

Q. How do I respond to a question you ask me?

A. Unless I ask otherwise, please respond with a yes or a no answer.  By answering yes or no allows the spirit to hear your vibration and is then able to continue communicating.

Q. Do spirits know about the reading?

A. I believe your loved ones want to communicate with you.  Therefore, they connect us together in order to bring their messages through.

Q. How much is a reading/session?
Q: How do you see spirit?

A. They present themselves as they want to be seen.  For instance, a client showed me a picture of her father as a young man, instead the spirit chose to be seen when he was 70.  Therefore the spirit thought he looked better at that age.

Q. Do you want me to tell you about the people who may come through?

A.  They want to be the ones to talk and be on stage so to speak.  They brought us together and therefore want to tell their story their way.  By telling me who is coming through, takes away the excitement for that spirit.  They are telling me things that only you know and want to see your surprise when you hear something profound coming from them.

Q: Over zoom/skype what should the home setting be at our end? Would it be best to sit somewhere comfy like a sofa or is it better at a table?

Whatever way you are calling in like a Zoom/FaceTime or Phone my suggestion would be to be comfortable either in a comfy couch, Chair or even behind your computer is fine.  It doesn’t matter if you’re indoors or outdoors.

Q: How should the camera/laptop be positioned? Meaning, do you want a good view of the person you’re doing the reading with or you’re not bothered?

The camera/laptop is for you to see me.  During the reading, I’ll be channeling with your loved ones to give you messages and won’t see you so however you feel comfortable seeing me is up to you.

Q: Should the lighting be any particular way?

Lighting doesn’t matter but I would suggest you feel completely comfortable.

Q: Should I have an object from my loved one in my hands?

There is no need to have anything from your loved one (but if it makes you feel better, by all means have something), I would suggest thinking about them a day or so before and the day of.  In the past spirits have told me they know when you’re coming for a reading and they are just as excited to see you as well.

Q: I can feel anxious. Is this normal?

At the time of the reading, I always tell you everything that you can expect because if you’ve never been to a medium or more importantly to me, I always take time to explain so you are not afraid or anxious.  Everyone always tells me that they like the way I explain the process and it puts them as ease.

Q: May I record the session?

You are welcome to record or videotape your session.  When the session is completed and about an hour or so later,  I won’t remember your face or what transpired during as it’s not about me.  This session is all about you and your loved ones.

Q: What can I expect about the way you guide? Will you ask me lots of questions?

In the 30 years I have been a Medium, everyone says they are at ease and ready for the reading.  The only question I may ask during the reading is “Do you understand this”.  The client and myself are never put in a trance so you are in control of yourself.  I will say there may be tears, so to have a box of tissue with you.

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