Sometimes an event that feels like “the end of the world” turns out to be a blessing in disguise. That’s exactly how it was for me.

In 1990, a special three-year relationship I was in ended. To make matters worse, the relationship had been with someone I would need to continue to see every day. I was devastated and distraught.

But then the power of friendship came into play. A friend at work invited me to go with her to a spiritual center and attend a lecture on relationships. Reluctant at first, I decided to go. It was powerful and provided exactly the inspiration I needed to continue to grow and learn.

Next I attended a workshop on Psychometry, which can basically be defined as the ability to discover facts about an event or a person by touching an object that either belongs to that person or is associated with him or her. Such objects might include jewelry, photographs or an article of clothing. During that workshop I learned that, with time and practice, I could tune into and share messages for people in much the same way as a person can read palms or tarot cards.

At that psychometry workshop, as I held a card in my hand, the teacher said to me, “You’ve suffered a breakup – and while you think you’ve hit rock bottom, you haven’t.” I was stunned, and then she continued, “Don’t be surprised if your friends leave you but that will be part of the spiritual plan because new friends will come in to guide you on your new path.”

I will admit that my first thought was, “You must be kidding,” but, in fact, that’s exactly how it happened.

Week after week I attended this wonderful spiritual center, loving every minute of it and learning about so many modalities along the way. I learned more about Psychometry, then added Healing Touch, Numerology, Reiki and Auras to the “spiritual mix.” I looked forward to going each week and actually began channeling spirit for others.

Then came the next challenge. Someone suggested that I go to Abagiana, Brazil, and meet with John of God, a medium and healer who also has been credited with doing what is referred to as “psychic surgery.” The countryside Brazilian village where he practiced was referred to as a mecca for his believers.

Although the healer has since fallen out of favor, I can tell you that my experience there was very positive and it was after that trip that I was able, in earnest, to deliver messages of healing, closure, love and forgiveness. I was able to give my clients whatever they needed to move forward with their lives.

And, speaking of moving, I was also at a point in my life in 2005 where I was seeking, physically, to move to the Midwest so I could be near my daughter, my only child, whom I missed greatly. I applied for a new job and, by the grace of God, was transferred to this area.

As I drove into St. Louis, Missouri, I distinctly heard a voice saying, “You’re Home!”

I’ve never looked back, except to acknowledge that although I thought the breakup was a very negative event in my life, I was wrong. Instead, it was exactly what I needed in order for my life to change – and definitely to change for the better. Without that event none of these wonderful changes would have occurred.

Everything happened in Divine Order. Through it all I learned about relationships, about ME and about what I can do for myself and others. It is with great pride that I can say that I love living in St. Louis and that I love being of service to Spirit in helping people heal.

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