Mercury Retrograde

Many years ago, I was introduced to Mercury Retrograde with everything in my life going awry. When I told someone in my spiritual class about my fender bender and out of nowhere friends of mine started getting into fights over what?   This person said I going through something called Mercury Retrograde?  I actually thought they were crazy. But over the years, things have happened to make me realize that this wasn’t made up; Mercury Retrograde was here to stay.  Every single planet goes retrograde and they all have different reasons to be in retrograde, but Mercury is completely different than the other planets.  Mercury is about communication, be it a phone call, legal doc, arguments anything that’s has to do with communication.

It has been my experience that each time Mercury Retrograde is in a different planet, that different things occur. I always say to people that when we are in Mercury Retrograde to stay low, don’t make any plans, don’t sign any legal documents, but basically clean your house.  What do I mean by clean your house?  Clean closets and get rid of things you know need clearing, give to Charity, clean your basement of things because basements represent your past and it’s always a great thing to clear out.  While I know that people work, just always be mindful (living in the present moment) of your surroundings!!

I’m here to give you my experiences with Mercury (some of these I was well aware we were in Mercury, but did I listen to my words to others, nope.)

I was at a light & some man decided to put his car in reverse & ran into my car.  I immediately put on my horn, then got out & started yelling at the man.  He apologized to me & offered to fix my car.  Thank GOD there wasn’t anything to fix but I was a raging lunatic.  Got back in my car, pulled into a parking lot to calm myself down. Had no idea why I did that & who knows what could have happened to me if that man wasn’t calm.

Another big thing that I believed Spirit & Mercury Retrograde went hand in hand to help me but I was wasn’t paying attention to all what what happening.  I received a call from my sister that she was sending me documents me to sign & send back. They said that it needed to be sent back the next day which I did.  Turns out that Fed Ex main terminal at that time was in Tennessee & they had their 1st ice storm so nothing went out!  (Mercury didn’t want that doc going out.) So then my sister document had to be rewritten & sent to me & it was supposed to be delivered to the lawyer’s home 1st in the morning.  It didn’t arrive till after 1pm, so they couldn’t use that one either.  I’m almost positive they were furious. (Again Mercury didn’t let that happen again.) Then my Mom & I were to go to NY to close on our house.  My sister & husband had a lawyer so I insisted that my mom also get a lawyer because she was lending them $100,000.  I said to my mom this isn’t $10,000.  But she kept saying it’s alright that they have a lawyer but didn’t want one for herself.  (A little side note, I had been power of attorney in signing all my moms legal documents as she was at beginning of dementia).  My mom kept saying that her daughter would pay her back.  They were supposed to pay her back in increment of $1,000 a month.

The next step was that secretary in the law office didn’t know how to do Word Perfect document, so I knew it & said “oh I can do it”.  Little did I know I wasn’t suppose to get involved.  If I hadn’t, the money wouldn’t have gone to my sister & her husband & my mom wouldn’t have her money.  When my mom called her daughter’s lawyer and asked why she hadn’t received her monthly money, the lawyer explained that she wouldn’t be getting any money back because I signed the contract stating that when my mother died, that my sister would get $100,000 of her estate.  My mom said to the lawyer “but I’m not dead yet?”  The lawyer stated that she & her husband didn’t believe Matina would do that, so they took it ahead to be sure that got it.  That was a very hard lesson for me to have gotten over and let me tell you that it took me a very long time to forgive myself, my sister & her husband.  One thing I will always do is to never NOT believe Mercury has something to do with this!  I personally believe there were many, many reasons for me not to do any of these things.

Again, during Mercury Retrograde, on several occasions, clients would make their own appointments & for whatever reason, they either never called to cancel or just never showed up.  Other times, Mercury would send them to different locations & they would call me to say where they were & I would be on the phone with them to get them to my office.

Mercury Retrograde almost always shows up 3 different times during the year.  In 2023, it shows up 4 times this year.  I always check on Google as to what the dates are.  It usually goes on for 21 days, but I give it about 1 month. Reason being that some people who are sensitive will feel the affects coming on & also feel it coming down.  

For this 2023 Mercury Retrograde is:

  • December 29, 2022—January 17, 2023.
  • April 21—May 14.
  • August 23—September 15.
  • December 13—January 1, 2024.

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