My GOD visit

In 2013, I was walking on my lunch hour and somehow, I tripped and fell.  I was taken by ambulance to the hospital and was told I broke my nose and that I had to wait 2 weeks for the swelling to go down before I could have surgery.  During this time, I was sitting on my couch and GOD walks in.  There was no fanfare, no angels singing or long robes.  He was lovingly and said he had been trying to get my attention for months now.  He said my friends had been telling me to quit my current job; that I was a really good medium and didn’t need to just do it part time.  You see I didn’t do mediumship full time (during the week) because I didn’t think anyone would come to me during the week because I was working and so many others were as well.  I didn’t think about retirees, people on vacation or in school.  I had only thought about my work schedule, not thinking that people make time for things that are important during their work week.  GOD also told me about him putting up billboard signs to remind me but everything went right over my head. I just wasn’t hearing him or seeing the signs!!

GOD said he sorry for giving me a broken nose but since nothing worked he had to get my attention in the most dramatic way!!

GOD words were clear and explicit saying that “I’ll supply the clients, all you need to do is just show up.”  He told me I would be out of work 9 months and at that time, I will ask you what you want to do.  “I always give souls free will and at that time you can give me your answer if you want to do this work full-time.”

Immediately I said to GOD, I don’t need 9 months as I want to work with you from now on. 

I’m happy to say that since that day this is what I’ve been doing ever since 2013.

GOD shows up when you need him the most we just need to be open to the signs!

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