Testimonial from Dr. S.

“Matina: When I returned to work Monday, people were sharing their wonderous experience they had with you to their colleagues. I believe we witnessed true healing in some people and even those who did not connect with whom they were seeking were genuinely touched as well. All would welcome your return and even more people are interested now as well. I know we all witnessed a miracle when you connected Chris to her recently deceased father and that moment will remain unforgettable to all of us who witnessed it. I’m looking forward to booking your return in a few months”-Dr. S.

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Testimonial from Gus

“For years I have been wanting to have a reading with a medium to hopefully contact my mother who I lost when I was a teenager, unresolved and questions about my path forward. Matina was instrumental in making this experience positive, informative and a renewed sense...

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Testimonial from Anna

“I’ve been wanting to meet with a medium for quite a while. I decided to Google “Psychic Mediums in St Louis” and was immediately drawn to Matina’s webpage. I know that there are “quacks” out there, so I did my homework and knew she was the real deal. When I first met...

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