Testimonial from Michelle

“My daughter Amy found Matina on the internet because she felt I needed someone to ‘help’ me with some death issues. There have been many in my life, and the past 10 years have been even more saturated to the point that I began to shut down. I felt I’d lost the positive perspective I had come to learn in this life – and also the hope I was accustomed to survive with. I’d coped fine with death in the past, believing their spirits were in a much better place, but in the past few years the senseless deaths in my family shook me to my foundation – my faith.
Upon entering Matina’s home, I immediately felt a sense of peace. She greeted my daughter and I as if she’d known us her whole life, making us feel very invited and comfortable. She explained her process of interpretation to us and allowed us to take in the serenity in the room. We just sat back, listened, and shared very little. We were able to tape the session so we’ve listened to it a couple of times over the last few days. More comments are becoming more revealing. She told us it would be somewhat of a process of ‘digesting’ the information. My, has it been!
The most important man in my life showed up, my father, whom I’d suddenly lost when I was 26 yrs old. We had a large family and his death had a huge and detrimental affect on my family. I had ‘expected’ the spirits of more recent family members to come through, so I was completely surprised to hear from my Pop. Matina spoke his words. It was surreal. He was with me, never left me and knew of the shape I was in. He told me through her what I needed to do – in HIS words!
I can’t explain any of this. I can only say thank you to my beautiful daughter for the gift of this visit with Matina. I feel I am finally ready to move forward with my ‘third act’ – not as my ‘old’ self with lost hope, but as a new ‘me’ with unconditional inspiration. Matina is a truly gifted, spiritual woman whom I respect tremendously. I hope to see her again soon.”-Michelle

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