Testimonial from Sneha

“I had a wonderful second reading with Matina and she came through for me again. This time it was more intense than the last one. I lost my boyfriend last year and it was a whirlwind romance and he is my true love and soul mate. After he passed I wanted to reconnect with him. Our conversation went like this
Matina : He keeps showing me 3-4, 34. Does that make sense to u?
Sneha :Not really.
At that moment I didn’t not know what she was talking about and it totally slipped my mind after she started relaying other messages from Austin. She said that he kept mentioning a promise. I told her he made me promise him that I would
name my son (in the future, I have no children) after him. My whole reading was basically Austin telling me how much he loved me and how happy I made him and how happy he is in heaven and how he watches over me and is always around me. Right around this time Matina asked me “Sneha do you get phantom text messages?” I screamed and said yes!!!!!!!!! Just last night I has received 4 blanks text messages from a number that looked like this 3333.The 3-4, 34 she was talking about earlier in the reading made complete sense. Chills ran down my body and I started laughing and sobbing. Austin and I mostly communicated through text messages when he was alive and since his death I have received a few phantom txt messages which could just be my provider acting up but what are the chances of me getting 4 phantom txt messages from
A number with four threes the night before my reading? Throughout the reading Matina kept saying she is experiencing love coming from his soul unlike anything she has ever experienced before and that his heart swells talking or thinking about me. My experience is like a movie scene where two lovers are united by a wonderful, awesome and brilliant medium. 100% accurate on every detail. I am a returning client and I recommend her to everybody.”-Sneha

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