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“I went to see Matina with my sister and niece. I wanted to connect with my late husband. Matina welcomed us into her home, was extremely gracious and made us feel very comfortable. Before she started, she gave us her background, explained how she works, and answered all our questions. I liked it that she does not keep track of time; the session is not over until she stops receiving messages. I was able to connect with my husband and she assured me repeatedly that he is always with me, he is feeling no pain, and is in a beautiful place. She made it very clear by several things she repeated from him that she was indeed connecting. There were a few things I could not relate to, but perhaps that will come to me in a few days or weeks. Right at the beginning of our session, she told me she could feel my anger. I disagreed, stating that I was not angry about anything, but later that day I realized why she said what she did. It was very moving. I would recommend Matina should anybody ask me. She is the second psychic medium I have consulted since my husband passed, and I’m not sure I would go back. Not because of her personally but because she gave me what I was looking for and I now have peace and closure.” – Phyllis


“This was an amazing experience for me!! I was really hoping to have a positive experience for my first time to a medium. I can say I was completely blown away with the accuracy of the information.

There were distinct messages that came through from 6 different friends/family with validating pieces of information that could not have been known or guessed. The messages were meaningful and in two of the cases, they wanted me to deliver messages to others. I was able to check information out and it checked out 100%. There were at least 2 others who wanted to come through, I just couldn’t identify them.

In one case, my best friend’s mother came through with a message for my friend. She provided “validating” information that even I didn’t know and it wasn’t something one would have “luckily” guessed. The message was delivered to my best friend and she just cried, because she said, “that is EXACTLY the wording I use, and I do say it all the time! So when I told her what he mom wanted me to say, she KNEW it was real.

I don’t mean to be vague but my session was literally PACKED with validating pieces and messages for me and my loved ones who are still incarnated. This experience was uncanny and I feel it was absolutely the real deal – and that is coming from a real critic of “esoteric” things.

Thank you so much Matina for being there and offering your gifts to help others.”-Meshell


“I had a wonderful second reading with Matina and she came through for me again. This time it was more intense than the last one. I lost my boyfriend last year and it was a whirlwind romance and he is my true love and soul mate. After he passed I wanted to reconnect with him. Our conversation went like this
Matina : He keeps showing me 3-4, 34. Does that make sense to u?
Sneha :Not really.
At that moment I didn’t not know what she was talking about and it totally slipped my mind after she started relaying other messages from Austin. She said that he kept mentioning a promise. I told her he made me promise him that I would
name my son (in the future, I have no children) after him. My whole reading was basically Austin telling me how much he loved me and how happy I made him and how happy he is in heaven and how he watches over me and is always around me. Right around this time Matina asked me “Sneha do you get phantom text messages?” I screamed and said yes!!!!!!!!! Just last night I has received 4 blanks text messages from a number that looked like this 3333.The 3-4, 34 she was talking about earlier in the reading made complete sense. Chills ran down my body and I started laughing and sobbing. Austin and I mostly communicated through text messages when he was alive and since his death I have received a few phantom txt messages which could just be my provider acting up but what are the chances of me getting 4 phantom txt messages from
A number with four threes the night before my reading? Throughout the reading Matina kept saying she is experiencing love coming from his soul unlike anything she has ever experienced before and that his heart swells talking or thinking about me. My experience is like a movie scene where two lovers are united by a wonderful, awesome and brilliant medium. 100% accurate on every detail. I am a returning client and I recommend her to everybody.”-Sneha


“It was very nice to meet you last night. Thank you for the messages from my brother. I can’t believe you got the year he passed and the fact that it was a horrific situation. Those are things you couldn’t possibly guess. I am glad to hear he is dancing his heart out on the other side. He was a very depressive soul while here and I tend to be a lot like him but we both love to dance.

I was surprised my mother or father didn’t come through but I guess they are busy over there 🙂

Thanks for your help. It is nice to know he is at peace!”-Tina


“It was a pleasure meeting with Matina. I never went to a medium before and was unsure as to if this would be of value. It wasn’t long before I knew this was a good decision. Her ability to connect with the spirit world was amazing. It is beautiful gift. More importantly, she was able to quickly relate to my response and enabled me to understand my feelings. I believe it is so important for someone to help you understand the messages that come across. Thank you Matina for a great experience. I will not forget.”-Laura B


“Thank you so very much for your time last night. While I always felt my brother was in a better place, I have missed him deeply through the years. It was a lovely experience reconnecting with him through you. Some of your comments rekindled wonderful memories that have been dear to my heart – and I can not thank you enough for that!

I have shared my experience with many of my co-workers and have already given out your card with a very high recommendation. Thank you! I wish you the best and hope we can reconnect some day!”-Leslie


“I took my mom to Matina to connect with her brother who passed. We were unsure of the whole process and nervous. Matina made us feel comfortable and at ease. When Matina began her reading she explained what she was seeing. Matina was able to give us details that only my mom and I would know. She did an amazing job connecting with the sprits. I would highly recommend her! My mom and I want to go back already!
Thank you again for everything Matina. I really appreciate everything you did!”-Jacquie


“Matina: When I returned to work Monday, people were sharing their wonderous experience they had with you to their colleagues. I believe we witnessed true healing in some people and even those who did not connect with whom they were seeking were genuinely touched as well. All would welcome your return and even more people are interested now as well. I know we all witnessed a miracle when you connected Chris to her recently deceased father and that moment will remain unforgettable to all of us who witnessed it. I’m looking forward to booking your return in a few months”-Dr. S.


“My daughter Amy found Matina on the internet because she felt I needed someone to ‘help’ me with some death issues. There have been many in my life, and the past 10 years have been even more saturated to the point that I began to shut down. I felt I’d lost the positive perspective I had come to learn in this life – and also the hope I was accustomed to survive with. I’d coped fine with death in the past, believing their spirits were in a much better place, but in the past few years the senseless deaths in my family shook me to my foundation – my faith.
Upon entering Matina’s home, I immediately felt a sense of peace. She greeted my daughter and I as if she’d known us her whole life, making us feel very invited and comfortable. She explained her process of interpretation to us and allowed us to take in the serenity in the room. We just sat back, listened, and shared very little. We were able to tape the session so we’ve listened to it a couple of times over the last few days. More comments are becoming more revealing. She told us it would be somewhat of a process of ‘digesting’ the information. My, has it been!
The most important man in my life showed up, my father, whom I’d suddenly lost when I was 26 yrs old. We had a large family and his death had a huge and detrimental affect on my family. I had ‘expected’ the spirits of more recent family members to come through, so I was completely surprised to hear from my Pop. Matina spoke his words. It was surreal. He was with me, never left me and knew of the shape I was in. He told me through her what I needed to do – in HIS words!
I can’t explain any of this. I can only say thank you to my beautiful daughter for the gift of this visit with Matina. I feel I am finally ready to move forward with my ‘third act’ – not as my ‘old’ self with lost hope, but as a new ‘me’ with unconditional inspiration. Matina is a truly gifted, spiritual woman whom I respect tremendously. I hope to see her again soon.”-Michelle


“Matina , first I would like to say thank you so much for our session yesterday . At first I was kinda iffy on what to expect but you knew so much & gave me many answers that really brightened my mood & gave me some sort of peace. I’ve shared our recording with my family & other things you said that made much more sense & was accurate. Once again thank you so so much! You were a big help!”-Khalia


“I had a wonderful experience with you the other day. I had several family members come through, along with a very special friend that I miss dearly. When you told me that my friend was giving you flowers to give me and there are “lots of orange” flowers, I got chills as he loved the color orange even down to the color of shirt he was wearing when he was buried. You also mentioned that he was impressed by the number of people that showed up to his memorial. You also knew that he had stomach cancer and his death was sudden. All of which, no one could have known. He passed away in a matter of weeks after finding out he was ill. During the reading you hit on things that I didn’t even know. I thought my brother that passed before I was born, passed from drowning in a drainage ditch. You told me it was a lake, someone was at fault and there was a lawsuit. It didn’t make sense to me, I questioned my mother a few days later and sure enough, you were right on! I wasn’t told the truth about what happened. There was indeed a lawsuit and someone was to blame for his death. I was shocked! Thank you so much for everything. You have a true gift!”-Heather


“Recently my daughter, as a birthday gift, booked an appointment with Matina. I didn’t give it much thought, but I was open to the experience. Upon arriving for the session, I was impressed with the positive, peaceful atmosphere of the location. I instantly felt it was the right place to be.

Matina connected with many relatives, Mother, father, mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother, and grandparents. She would describe each person’s personality accurately. One in particular, my mother-in-law in which she described as fidgety, can’t sit still, always on the go. Poor Matina felt like she running and was out of breath. My mother-in-law never sat down and if she did it was just for a second, because there was always something she needed to do. Some little chore that needed to be tended to. Everything had to be very neat and orderly and she was constantly keeping her house neat and orderly. But she was quick to say “but now, over here, it doesn’t make any difference” “Who cares” I found this humorous considering her personality in life.

Even though there were many relatives there for me and Matina passed the messages of love they all had for me, Matina said they were aware that I was there in particular to hear from my husband and the rest of the relative were stepping back so he could speak with me. Matina referred to buying lottery tickets on Tuesday for Wednesday. Suggesting that I might want to do that. I told her that I had just bought tickets this past Tuesday for my birthday which was the same day as the drawing on Wednesday, but I had not won anything. We realized that my husband was aware of this. My daughter and I talked about the number of times he had played the lottery, but he had never won a significant amount of money. Matina relayed this message from my husband. “I may not have been lucky with the lottery, but I was lucky in love.” Matina said “he loves you very much.” Well that pretty much brought me to tears. He knew that I was at odds about selling our home. His suggestion “just make up your mind.” Always direct and to the point. Matina picked up on his Hiatal Hernia which was evidentially the cause of his death. She picked up on the fact that he was a soldier and loved being soldier and was very proud to wear his uniform, referring to himself as a “Dapper Dan”. Being very well dressed in his uniform. There was so much that my husband had to say, too much to be able to give the appropriate attention in a testimonial, but so personal and so heartwarming.
My session with Matina was so accurate, so detailed, so comfortable, so confirming…I left feeling so much better about myself. I think I would describe this as sort of a healing. Certainly makes you think about and appreciate what comes through from many relatives that have passed. I know I certainly felt and left feeling the love that my relatives expressed for me during my session. I was so impressed with the experience that I immediately took the audio recording and transcribed it for other relatives. I wanted them (in particular, my sisters) to have the same positive experience. It was a week later that my sister had an appointment with Matina and I accompanied my sister and was equally impressed with what my sister was receiving in her session. We are both very pleased that we had the opportunity to meet with Matina.”-Julia


“This was definitely a wonderful experience for me. I have moved on from the passing of close family members & friends but just wanted to know what they had to say. I received messages from my Dad & friend Tami. I knew Matina was giving me messages from my Dad because she mentioned me being a “late bloomer” among other things. She emphasized to me that he wanted me to know how much he loved me. Even though this seems like something you could hear from any loved one, I knew it was my Dad by the details. He mentioned challenges I faced growing up. That I am often misunderstood. I also received interesting information from my friend. Matina mentioned that she was gone quickly. There was no suffering. She didn’t know what hit her. She characterized her as “funny” & a “hell raiser.” I recommend Matina to anyone, not just if you need validation to be able to move on but if you want messages from anyone you know who has crossed over. They have something to say.”-Daria


“In May 2012, I had an extremely close friend of mine commit suicide. He was always a positive, happy, fun-loving socialite who was the life of any party. He was an extremely genuine and caring friend who I kept close to my heart, so it was hard for me to accept that he would end his life so suddenly at age 23. When he died, we all tried to fit the pieces together and find his reason for doing what he had done. One theory revolved around the fact that he had secretly dropped out of school. Graduation was approaching and he hadn’t told his parents, friends or even his roommates that he was no longer enrolled. He came from a strict foreign family, so many thought he couldn’t handle the pressure of telling his parents that he had let them down. He disappeared graduation weekend and was found about three weeks later. Police found him in the woods with evidence that he had taken his own life. I had an extremely hard time accepting his suicide, because there were many factors related to the incident that didn’t quite add up. I started to do some digging to see if my friend had been in some other kind of trouble, possibly with money, since he started selling personal items before he disappeared. I tried to talk with the police about the possibility of a bigger picture, but they insisted on closing the case. And they did. Fast forward a year later and I still felt uneasy about my friend’s death. For some closure, and maybe some answers, I decided to see Matina for a reading. Without ever voicing anything about the situation or even mentioning that I had a close friend pass, she picked it all up. Turned out that my intuition on the incident served true. My friend channeled through and explained to me that he was at the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong people. Dangerous people. He emphasized how important it was for me to stop digging for answers, but said he would always be with me whenever I needed him. The reading helped me begin to accept the unfortunate passing of my friend. I finally have some answers. Although it still hurts that he is gone, I know he will always be around to protect me and that really puts my mind at rest.”-Sarah


“Matina, I would like to thank for coming out to our house on a nasty day with pouring rain to do a reading for us. You did not give up on us. You had a lot of hitMatina I would like to thank you for the reading you did for my sister and I. It really did help to hear from our loved ones, and as you said I was a little skeptical at first, but now I am becoming a believer. You were spot on about my brother and I being so close that we were like soul mates. He was my best friend when he was alive, and always watched out for me. Also to know that our father is with everyone and doing well was great to find out. I am sure that my sister is feeling a little more peace in her life since she now knows that her husband is safe and is wanting her to move on with her life. I have told her for a very long time that this is what he would want her to do. So now maybe she can. And to have my daughter come through put my mind at ease that she is ok and did not suffer from her accident. That has always been a question of mine. We are still thinking about our moments that were brought up that we could not think of at the time of our reading, but I am confident that they will come to us. Again thank you so much for your reading and the hospitality that you showed to my sister Carol and I. I am sure we will see you again only this time maybe we will bring our doubting mother and maybe open her eyes also. Thanks again.s on our reading. You had ask who has cerebral palsy and my son who is living has cerebral palsy. You also hit on someone crossed over with head trauma from a car accident. Our other son died from a car accident from head trauma. So you was spot on with a lot. So with that said, I would love to do another reading with you later down the road. Thank you so much!”-Shelly


“I made an appointment with Matina not knowing what to expect. I was concerned for the wellbeing of my loved ones that had passed. I was also feeling very alone and had a void in my heart.

Matina knew many things no one else would know. I will list some of these for you below.

Matina was able to make contact with my dad, my brother, two aunts, three uncles, my father in law, and a high school friend. I knew who each of them were through their illnesses and their personalities.

While they were speaking of my mother (who is still with us) they mentioned a nickname they had for her. I completely forgot about that name. I have not heard it in about thirty years!

She knew my brother passed when I was out of town. She knew I received a phone call telling me of his passing, she also knew he came to me in a dream.

My reading with Matina was a truly healing experience. Yes, I do still miss them, but I know they are all together in Heaven having a great time. I also know they are with me always. My heart is healed!

Thank you Matina.”-Jennifer


“Thank you again for our session! I am not pregnant at the moment (just got my period), but am so excited to know that someday I will have a little girl (or twins!). After talking with my mom, I realized that the cousin who died in a vehicle accident is my grandmother’s cousin, who died in a tractor accident. I only knew him when I was a little girl, and he was not even on my radar of who I would hear from! Also, that cousin’s brother was shot in the head in a store robbery before I was even born – I can’t believe he would have shown up, either!

I contacted my ex-sister-in-law to see if my brother was taking his meds when they were married. She said she thinks yes, but said she wonders if my dad meant that things will get better when he is taking the RIGHT meds. If he is deceiving his doctors, and is only taking medicine to improve his focus, but not taking anything for OCD, than it makes sense that he would be focusing more on his obsessions! She also said that she received an anonymous email from my brother’s girlfriend’s friend who is concerned about her and her relationship with Chip. I am keeping my mouth shut about it, and trying not to think about it, but I hope she figures things out and gets out soon!
I have referred several people to you already. I don’t know when they plan on contacting you, but hopefully they will soon! Thanks again for everything!”-Meredith


“I wanted to reach out to you and let you know how truly grateful I am for my reading. It was absolutely fantastic to hear from my grandmother and grandfather, and a few other people that I never expected to hear from and quite honestly a few people that it took me a while to figure out who they were! It was absolutely amazing the way that you were able to communicate with my loved ones and were able to validate their messages for me. After an incredible difficult couple of years, I really needed to talk with my grandmother who was my best friend and confidant. You were able to make that happen for me and I am forever grateful. The comfort that I got from that reading has dramatically helped me get through some very tough times. Knowing that my grandmother is with me in spirit when I need her the most and that she is a guardian angel that I can call by name has given me great solace. She truly was a wonderful, intelligent woman who was greatly ahead of her time. I am so glad that you were able to meet her and help us reconnect. I cannot wait to have another reading sometime soon! Many heartfelt thanks!”-Debra


“I booked a party with about 6 friends for a reading from Matina. Several people in the group were a bit skeptical. Let me tell you, by the time the session was over, their skepticism was gone!!! My husband was not a part of the group, but was in the house during the reading. Matina asked me to see if he would mind joining us for a few minutes. This was somewhat of a challenge since he was the biggest skeptic. He agreed to come listen and got the surprise of his life! His Mother came through and everything she told him was spot on. I think he called everyone in his phone book to tell them about what an amazing experience he just witnessed. I could go on and on about how on target Matina was with all of my guests. They all want another reading tomorrow!!!
We never felt rushed by Matina. As a matter of fact, when she was finished reading everyone, she sat in a chair and visited and answered any questions thrown her way about her gift. I would recommend Matina to anyone wanting to connect with a departed loved one.

I am now obsessed and will be contacting Matina in the near future.”-Lyn


“All of the information you described EVERY BIT of it was completely accurate for me. The lady who came through in the very beginning was my mom’s friend, I just didn’t realize when she crossed over that she would be looking out for me so much. HOWEVER, if you know my mom like she did, then you would watch out for me too! LOL! You gave me information about family members that my mom was able to confirm for me. The purpose of my reading with you was to verify all my suspicions(inner voices & feelings) that I needed very badly to know that I had family members who care. Ahhh~my reading was just perfect! I really felt I was guided to find you Matina. Also, the boy who came through who was shot, well he accidentally shot himself & yes his parents had been struggling with that information. This happened a few months ago. They believed it was possibly a suicide. I told them yesterday about his message(that it was not a suicide). I was able to let grieving parents know that their son did not do this on purpose and because of your gift Matina, I believe more than ever that this information will help. I also just knew that they would be home yesterday morning, and they were. They even said they were supposed to go to work but cancelled. I already knew that.”-Danielle


“I was doing some paperwork in another room while my wife was visiting with Matina. My wife called me in to meet with Matina, because my mom was “interrupting” the session. Apparently she (my mom’s spirit) was very persistent – sounds like my mom. My, mom who passed when I was young, wanted to express how much she loved me and was proud of me. I knew it was her by the things she said! It was a wonderful experience!”-Lee


“Thank you for my beautiful reading yesterday. I didn’t know what to expect from the process and who would come through for me. I was completely surprised by the number of my loved ones that had messages for me. At one point, you described them as a big, happy, collective group that loved to have a good time. You said they were intertwined and therefore a lot of what you said applied to more than one person. This made perfect sense to me because I have lost many loved ones over the years and our families were intertwined because my in-laws and parents were good friends and would often be together to celebrate holidays, birthdays, etc.

My parents came through first and as soon as you said “what’s with donuts”, I knew, without a doubt that it was my mother. You specifically mentioned Dunkin Donuts which was my mom’s favorite, it was actually her trademark….everyone who would come to visit her would bring her some. Before her death she said she wanted everyone to think of her whenever they had donuts….you also said this in the reading. You described their burial site to a tee. You described in precise detail their childhoods and how difficult it was. There was even mention of the deep snow they had to walk in to go to school. At one point, you said my mom was telling you that she was a seamstress and sewed drapes, clothes, etc., she said she helped a lot of people, was a hard worker and fought her illness until she couldn’t fight anymore. She said she did a lot of things and was good at it all! Yes, she was! We had a conversation a week before she died, she said to make sure everyone knew that she was a hard worker, helped a lot of people, fought her disease with everything she had and that she knew how loved she was by so many people…..amazing!

I knew my mother and father in-law came through when you describe the sad woman who was heartbroken when she lost someone suddenly. She was never the same when her husband died suddenly of a heart attack, which you also said. You said 2 people died back to back, that referred to the death of my father and father in-law, they died 3 weeks apart in 1999. I knew for sure it was them because of the references to poker, casinos, Elvis and their love of music.

I delivered the message to my friend from her husband, he was the who came in a couple of times during my reading. He passed of a brain aneurism at age 40, leaving behind 2 young sons and a wife. Although I never met him, his wife is a very dear friend of mine. I had her listen to my reading yesterday afternoon, you said this person was connected to horse tracks and/or dog tracks, she said her husband went to both horse and dog tracks when he was younger quite a bit.
You referenced his coma and the decision being made to take him off life support. My friend needed to receive this message, the timing was perfect.

There were 2 loved ones that came through who told you they were only 60 years old. They both loved and played music, one was a scholar. This was my father in-law and my Uncle George. He was highly educated and musically gifted.

There was a couple of females that you spoke about that suffered from horrible stomach pains, nausea, and throwing up blood. Well, I knew this was my friend Diane and cousin Cathy because they both passed from gastric cancer. Diane passed a year and half ago and my cousin just recently passed away. You brought up about a male who had trauma to the head, like a gunshot, you said. I said I didn’t know anyone who died like that. That afternoon, I remembered that Diane’s husband committed suicide 5 years prior to her death, by a gunshot to the head. I never knew him but was close friends with his wife and 3 young children they left behind.

You mentioned someone died of breathing, lung issues like cancer or COPD. My mom had COPD and my aunt had lung cancer. I know for sure my Aunt Marty came through because you said someone loved their gambling and specifically all the perks that came along with it. She used to travel to Vegas and Atlantic City a lot to gamble and often enjoyed the perks. Also the reference of “Lincoln” referred to her as well because she drove a Lincoln and was so proud of that car. When you said “feast of watermelon, by water” it also reminded me of her. I was just telling someone this story a week ago of when she came to my house to visit me the summer before she passed. She pulled up in her big, white Lincoln, opened the trunk and had watermelons in there because she stopped at a roadside stand. We spent the evening eating watermelon and swimming in my pool, it was a wonderful night that I’ll never forget, we laughed and talked all night. She passed away a few months later. She was 55 years old.

You said someone had throat problems and a portion of their tongue removed, that was my Uncle Pat, he died from cancer at 55 years old.

All the numbers you bought up made perfect sense to me. You said someone was 1 of 11, my mom was 1 of 11. Someone was 1 of 9, my dad was 1 of 9. The number 4 was significant, I came from a family of 4 and now have a family of 4. 5 kept coming up, my mom’s birthday and mine are on the 5th of a month. 3 came up a lot. Dad’s birthday, mother in-laws birthday, both in March.

When you spoke about diabetes, that also could be a couple of people but when someone said “don’t forget about me, I’m here too” that had to be my grandmother, Ella. Whenever the big family was together she would say that because she wanted to be heard to….they all talked at the same time. I guess some things never change because they all talked at the same time during the reading! It was hard to keep track of who was who, especially because their health issues overlapped each other.

I know this email is probably way too long and I apologize for that but there was so much information in my reading.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful gift you given me, I really needed to hear certain things at this time.”-Helen


“You were defintitely sent to me. Seeing a medium is something I have wanted to do for a long time. However, I wanted it to be real, no fakes, no games. I believe in your gift but I also know there are not many with it. With that being said, I was somewhat hesitant for years to try it.

Our visit was just that, such a wonderful afternoon that I got to sit for a couple of hours with you and visit with my loved ones. Such a blessing that I had so many loved ones come through, and most important the ones that I was hoping for, and some whom are never forgotten but who came through as well. My father passed away when I was only two. His mother was like my mother. She was more than a grandma to me. They were the two I was hoping for more than anything to come through…and as you are aware, they came through loud and clear, especially grandma! Her message to me validated so much not only since she passed but things while she was living. I received very special messages from them regarding my two daughters, my son and my husband. You have given my whole family a gift!

I had so many loved ones come through…my father, my two grandpas, my grandma, my cousin, my daughter’s friend, my great aunt. All of whom you told me very personal messages from them you had no way of knowing. You knew how most of them had passed. You knew what they loved to do. Tragically my cousin committed suicide and you were able to tell me how he was so sorry and knows how his parents and sister are greiving and how much he loved them. He was so happy I came to see you so he could get a message to his family how sorry he was. No skeptics may say, well she can guess that someone who has committed suicide is sorry! Skeptic move on, Matina knew how and where he was when he took his life, how he was feeling, why he did it, and his hobbies and things he loved to do. When my grandma came through, she was a strong spirit and very animated and I could tell you got a feel of how strong of a woman she was and what a spirit guide I have in her. My dad, what can I say, I lost him too soon yet he has given me a gift, my son, in his spitting image. He is guiding him just as I have felt all these years. It brings me me such peace to know they hear me when I talk to them. I know this cause they pretty much answered all my questions I have had over the years of losing them!

You are a wonderful blessing in my life and I will forever be grateful. I have told many people about our visit. I look forward to future visits and bringing more and more people to share in your gift. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”-Shawn


“Matina you are my angel. I want to thank you for connecting us with Jeff, it has been such a loss for us to lose a brother and you have brought so much peace to know he is with us more than ever and we will see his beautiful smiling face again. Thank you for sharing your gift with us, you truly touched our lives in a wonderful way. I want to write a novel of a testimonial for you and I will make sure to do so very soon.
Thank You is not big enough words to express my gratitude for our personal reading with Jeff and our group session as well. I hope to gain a long relationship and see you again in the near future.”-Kristy


“After meeting with Matina I was very happy with the reading she gave me. I was surprised on who came through, but her accuracy was right on. She told me things that no one else would have known. I do believe she is authentic and I would recommend her to people who want to contact a loved one that has passed on.”-Kelly


“I’ve been wanting to meet with a medium for quite a while. I decided to Google “Psychic Mediums in St Louis” and was immediately drawn to Matina’s webpage. I know that there are “quacks” out there, so I did my homework and knew she was the real deal. When I first met Matina I felt a sense of warmth and caring from her. Matina is a lovely woman with an amazing gift. I was hoping for my father to come through and he did but I was really blown away when my stepmother came through. The information that Matina knew about my relationship with my stepmother was truly amazing. It brought me to tears to hear her (my stepmother) ask for forgiveness. This helped heal me. There is no way that Matina could have known about this part of my life. If you are reading this testimonial to help you decide if you want to have a reading, please don’t hesitate to make an appointment. You won’t be sorry. I feel very blessed to have met Matina and look forward to seeing her again.”-Anna


“For years I have been wanting to have a reading with a medium to hopefully contact my mother who I lost when I was a teenager, unresolved and questions about my path forward. Matina was instrumental in making this experience positive, informative and a renewed sense of my path forward, confirmations of gods love. Many of my loved ones came that day, 2 generations to show their support, love and concurrence of some tough obstacles I over came as a young boy. I highly recommend Matina, she is warm, sensitive and makes you feel comfortable to speak your mind. One day I will see her again as she is a kindred spirit. Many Thanks Matina!”-Gus