Past Reviews on Google

Past Reviews on Google

Matina the Medium has many positive reviews on Google. Find Matina on Google

Google Review by Sandy Bowling

My husband and I just had a reading from Matina. So amazing to hear from loved ones. Her messages were truly sent from our loved ones with spot on accuracy. Feeling at peace knowing our love ones are watching over us!

Google Review by Kristin Kitrel

Absolutely amazing. I bawled my entire session because she was right on. So many things and my own thoughts that I never told anyone and she hit the nail on the head. I will be going back in the future and referring any and everyone to her.

Google Review by Michelle Combs

This was 2nd time having a reading with Matina and again so much valuable information. I’m so blessed and happy to get the opportunity to have her do a reading. So much more peace in my heart now 💓

Google Review by Laurie Sybert

Matina answered my questions and helped me put my mind at rest. I would recommend a reading to anyone who feels they could benefit in any way.

Google Review by Shelly Byington

I told her nothing and she told me things about my passed loved ones that gave me peace and knowing everyone is ok.

Google Review by Linn Brown

My reading was very good. I left feeling lighter, like a burden was lifted from me. Can’t thank her enough.

Google Review by Jennifer Schuler

We have visited with Matina on several occasions and she is always spot on. She has connected with spirit in ways only they could guide her to have that specific knowledge. Matina is the most comforting person and truly uses her gift in the most beautiful way. We have always left with a deeper understanding and peace in our hearts.

Google Review by Robyn Miesner

I had never been to a medium before and had no idea what to expect. I thoroughly enjoyed our session. She said things that only my Dad would have said. I highly recommend going to find peace and guidance.

Google Review by Kathryn Wilkens

Wow!! So glad that I booked a reading with Matina! She was incredibly accurate and knew specific details about my loved ones that only I would know. I was extremely grateful to hear her messages for me from the other side – and left the session feeling a new sense of lightness and release. Thank you, Matina, for sharing your beautiful gift with the world!

Google Review by Tara McClanahan

My experience was right on target with my life and my loved ones that have passed away. Definitely helped me find some sort of closure.

Google Review by Alicia Wanta

She was very nice but somethings said just didn’t make sense. But at the end I felt a little better. But overall I do not believe she connected with my loved ones

Google Review by Nikita McClure

Great person told me things only my mother would say or know definitely will see her again

Google Review by Stacy Loenneke

Meeting with Matina was my first experience with a medium. I am so glad I met with her. She provided clarity and answers to questions I have had for many years. She brought me so much peace that I desperately needed. Matina was so welcoming and a very gracious host in her home. I would recommend her to anyone who has a loved one they have been missing or needing help with overcoming the grief of losing someone. The experience has definitely helped me move forward and I am so thankful I met her.

Google Review by Kiswana D

Matina is such a welcoming energy. I came to her on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Time was well spent, I felt like I’ve known her before. I did not want to leave! The conversation was what I needed, and I was so happy to meet you and share my story with you Matina! 😍

Google Review by Amber Crane

Amazing!! My stepson who passed away came through for my reading. So healing. Thank you Matina!!

Google Review by Maureen Landwehr

Matina is the real deal! She was able to channel my loved one(s) and convey messages to me that were very comforting. Highly recommend!

Google Review by Dominique Williams

This was an invaluable experience. She reassured of me of my mother’s love and helped to come to peace with her passing. I can’t express how much this means to me. This was my first experience with a medium. I was skeptical coming into this, but after speaking with her, my entire perspective has changed. Matina has a beautiful gift.

Google Review by Cierra King

My grandmother and I went to Matina earlier this week, and I can honestly say that I am glad that we did. We went seeking to hear from my late father who passed unexpectedly last year, and got SO much more. This being our first ever encounter with a medium, Matina was so welcoming, compassionate, empathetic, and VERY professional. She does not keep track of time, she lets you ask any and everything in regards to your loved ones with no boundaries which I thank her so much for. We left her house with more than peace, we left with a full heart, peace, and a smile. I would recommend Matina to anyone who is looking for answers, or grieving from the passing of a loved one. She is the best, and I am definitely looking to go back one day soon!

Google Review by mikesgirl1318

Absolutely love it. She gave me exactly what I needed to hear. Would recommend her to anyone!!!

Google Review by Sentoria Leonard-Brown

This was my first interaction with a medium. Matina made me feel so comfortable and ensured that I understood the process.

Google Review by Penny Wilson

I got there she explained herself and she proceeded did a great job it was a comfortable setting

Google Review by Amanda Bosch

Matina was my first experience with a Medium and I couldn’t have been happier with the results! She is so sweet and thoroughly explained everything while answering any questions that I had. I highly recommend her for connection with loved ones that have passed on.

Google Review by Lauren Mulvenna

I went to see Matina a few days ago. Within seconds of her channeling she was able to connect with my mom. She knew things about my mom that people wouldn’t just know. She told me things that we have been thinking and discussing about the way that my mother passed. This experience was amazing! I was needing to connect and hear from my mom: I now know she’s always with me.
Thank you, Matina for giving me the answers and peace I needed.

Google Review by Sarah Hoffmann

AH-mazing…I got a reading for my boyfriend and his Dad…the peace that they received was invaluable. Thank you for your time and sharing your gift.

Google Review by Lynetta Jones

Matina is very nice & professional. She was precise & accurate with my session. Please don’t hesitate to contact her.

Google Review by Michelle Griffin

Matina was really great she helped me connect with my love that had suddenly passed. I was really having a hard time with his death and meeting with Matina helped eased some of my pain. I plan on meeting with Marina too connect with him again soon. I would highly recommend!

Google Review by Sherry Giglia

My session with Matina was very satisfying. I came to the session hoping to hear from my late husband, and I did, but not before my dad came through, which was unexpected. It was very sweet to receive an apology from him. I never expected that to happen! There is no question in my mind that Matina connected with both my dad and my husband. She’s the real deal! I felt very comfortable with her, and would highly recommend her to others. I’ve had a smile on my face all day since our session this morning. Thank you so much, Matina!

Google Review by Julie Hays

Matina was amazing!! I went with my mom. She answered all of our questions, connected with our loved ones, and even when our hour was up she continued until there were no more messages! She brought a sense of peace and validation that I had been looking for. We will be planning a group reading soon with friends.

Google Review by Michelle Griffin

Matina was great in helping me connect with my love that had recently passed suddenly. Meeting with her helped ease some of the pain that I was experiencing due to the loss of him. She was able too validate that he was present with some things she said that only he said too me in the past, or we said to one another…that brought me peace. I plan on meeting with Matina again soon to reconnect with him again hopefully. I highly recommend Matina!

Google Review by Julie Kline

Such an amazing experience. Matina makes you feel so at home & was able to connect with two of the most important people that were in my life. Just knowing they were at peace was such a weight lifted. I will most definitely go back at some point in my life.

Google Review by Marilyn Kramer

One of the most enjoyable experiences. She was “”spot on”” with my family.
I never wanted the session to end. Right away when you meet Matina you have a very comfortable and relaxed feeling. I look forward to going again.

Google Review by Patrick Hanon

She is very good, sincere and batted about, .95% with our session….would highly recommend..

Google Review by Christopher Allen

She gave my Granddaughter and I messages from 6 members of our family. The detail given was accurate and the messages made sense. I would recommend her.

Google Review by Jeff Bridges

Very enjoyable. We had multiple family members come thru. The time flew by. She was “spot on” in the reading. I will recommend her.

Google Review by Valspire Beauty

I was a little skeptical at first because I felt as though I gave up too much information. But at the end of the session I feel as though some things just couldn’t have been guessed. She hit home with her words. She helped me connect in ways I couldn’t and gave me comfort in my grief. The only complain is that I didn’t want my session to end! This was an excellent experience and I will be calling her again in the future! She is my perfect medium!

Google Review by Dawn W

Matina was very kind and gently guided me through a much needed family reunion. She was able to share things with me that she could not know without being able to connect to my father. I feel such a sense of relief after this reading.

Google Review by Cristen Puhl

It was a very enlightening experience. Felt very natural and found out more about myself and how people see me. As Matina suggested come with an open mind and let your love ones come forward. As for me I will look for the heart shaped rocks and leaves. Oh and of course the dimes. Thank you.

Google Review by Elena Amirault

Matina has a very special gift and is using it to help others. Her energy is very light and positive. She is the real deal and was able to share things about my family there is no way anyone could have known. Matina is kind and compassionate with the desire to help bring peace and healing. Highly recommended 🙂

Google Review by Mike Vescovo

I went and had a session with Matina a few days ago and it went really well. I’m excessively skeptical at times so I have to commend her on how good she is at this. There’s a reason she has such a high rating with so many review. She definitely knew things that she simply shouldn’t have been able to know but somehow did. She also passed along some info that I was very happy to hear. I would definitely recommend her if you are considering booking a session with her.

Google Review by Sno Watson

This was a great experience for me. My mother had recently passed and I wanted to reconnect with her. Matina was able to do so after a few others said hello first. This was my first time and I went to her house. It was great and I will be back actually. Thank you!!

Google Review by Joyce Zumwalt

My daughter and I visited with Matina in regards to my daughters father whom had passed 33 years ago. We both needed closure and Matina was able to give that to the both of us. She is very professional and very good at her work! Would highly recommend her as we both felt peace and comfort when leaving!

Google Review by Lori Payne-Mullett

Matina was wonderful. She was able to talk to a few people that I love. It was so comforting to know how they are doing in heaven and things they wanted to tell me. It was a heartwarming experience. Matina is very nice and professional. I wish I would have gone to her years ago. I look forward to my next reading with her. Go to Matina; you will love her.

Google Review by Hannah Poddig

I met Matina for the 1st time yesterday. A good friend told me about her. She was everything and more. She was able to help me with my current path and help me connect with a passed loved one who has been weighing heavily on my heart. I now have a sense of clarity and peace and will continue working on myself to keep my head and heart strong. Thank you Matina for your guidance and knowledge.

Google Review by Shelley Luetkemeyer

Very impressed with her gift. Have visited with her several times and always leave with new insights.

Google Review by Aliyah H

This reading helped me immensely. Although I cannot get over my loved ones being gone, I’m happy I received messages that has helped me. Will be back with my grandma!

Google Review by Erica Conley

This woman truly has a GIFT! The things she said is not anything anyone, but my passed loved ones would have known. I was very nervous to go and the minute I walked into her house, she made feel very at ease. She herself is a very nice, easy to talk to person. Would HIGHLY recommend her! If there were 10 stars I would have picked that!

Google Review by Kennedy Peiter

I went and seen Matina at the end of September and I’m still in disbelief with my experience. I was immediately in tears when she asked if I lost a brother, considering that was my main reason for going was to connect with him. Matina was very welcoming and amazing at what she does. If anyone is thinking about going to a medium, I highly recommend Matina. The things she knew about my brother was mind blowing, thank you again Matina for the reconnecting me with my brother.

Google Review by Annie Treiber

I’m still processing my meeting with Matina this weekend. She came right out of the gate with someone that’s been holding me back in so many areas of my life and there was no way she could have known. She told me about ME… Things Ive always known but just chose to ignore. I don’t know what to say about Matina that could even equal what I experienced with her… No longer a skeptic I am a true believer that God has given us angels here on earth to guide us… To wake us up… Thank you so much Matina for giving me what I’ve waited 3 years to hear. P. S. I realized after listening to my recording that it wasn’t my ex husband but someone that was so much more profound in my life… Someone I NEEDED to hear from! 💔

Google Review by E K

I had a great experience today with Matina. My meeting gave me closure to my mom’s passing and other loved ones. Thank you Matina for your kindness

Google Review by Kayla Moyer

Very welcoming and pleasant. I feel that seeing her really helped me and I intend to see her again. I met with her at her house with a group of friends and every single person had a meaningful, positive experience. I was somewhat skeptical at first before going but I feel the opposite now. Thank you, Matina 🖤

Google Review by KATHRINE ROBSON

My mom and I had a great experience. Thank you, Metina! It was nice getting to know you.

Google Review by Darla Klausner

Matina was very welcoming and caring. She helped find peace with a death in the family and also gave advice through a living relative. I highly recommend Matina, she’s lovely.

Google Review by Villanelle

Great reading! She tapped into my son immediately and gave messages from my grandmother. She was also able to read current events that are unfolding including career, Love, traveling. Thank you so much Matina I appreciate you!

Google Review by Pam Potts

My reading was so spot on, described my love ones so perfectly. She has a very special gift!

Google Review by Amanda Leftridge

Matina was very friendly. She immediately connected with my brother and stated that he came in with me. She gave details that no one would have known. She mentioned our age difference. She confirmed about my dreams and my brothers personality. I knew I could feel him but she confirmed that for me even more now. Thank you so much. Will reach out to her again in the future. Matina you have an amazing gift!

Google Review by Kayla Bova

I went to see Matina with my friend and it was a great experience! She makes you feel so comfortable and relaxed! We were able to do a lot of emotional closure with her which was amazing. She picked up on my grandfather and my first love which I was over the moon about. She helped me personally with a lot of self healing and helped with guidance and how I should continue to grow! I loved this experience and this woman! Would recommend her to anyone who needs healing or closure!

Google Review by Karen Messick

I really didn’t know what to expect but my session with Matina was just what I needed. I felt very confortable with her. When speaking with my mother and father, she even used words that they used. I had family issues that she helped me deal with and she even explained how to release that anger. I highly recommend Matina.

Google Review by Ellen M.

Matina, is a gentle, down to earth, and caring person. She connected with both my mom and dad and shared their amazing info. I so appreciated Matina’s candor-she says it like they say it! She allows reading to be recorded which has been so helpful since there was so much to the experience.

Google Review by Whitney Rae Hudson

My husband had a session today. He has suffered the loss of his father for 5 years. What she gave him is beyond anything I could have ever asked for. She has a beautiful gift, that she shares with people. My husband and myself will never be able too thank her enough.

Google Review by Robert Boschert

Recently I have been thinking a lot about my parents who have passed, especially my dad. I sense that when people pass on they are in a better place as well as they are able to see the bigger picture. When she told me that my dad asked me to forgive him.. I realized those were the words I needed to hear for me to heal that part of me that is/was yearning for his approval, love and acceptance. She also shared that he was sorry for putting me in the middle.. he was sorry for not understanding me. It all made sense and now I am able to release a lot of the energy I have had on my relationship with him. He was a good man, just not a good father. I am a good man and pride myself in being a good dad. I was glad to actually HEAR he was sorry and asked for forgiveness.
Thanks Mattina for relaying this information and facilitating the healing I was seeking!
Blessings, Robert

Google Review by Leesa Hemkens

Words cannot express the gratitude I have for Marina! She is a warm, knowledgeable and compassionate person . I had the best time today ! Look forward to more readings in the future ! You won’t be disappointed but enlighten! A true healer with amazing gifts!

Google Review by Sarah Odonnell

She was truly amazing and helped both myself and my mother connect with my grandma. It finally gave us peace to know she was alright in the next life. She gave off information that no one but myself would know and it took a major weight off my shoulders. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift with me.

Google Review by Nisha Tailor

Thank You!!! Matina , it was very positive and powerful experience to connect with my passed loved one. She gave me very meaningful messages from them and its locked in my heart forever. She made me feel very comfortable to get through my first medium experience. She also revealed some information that only i knew and my loved one. I also got to record my conversations with her so I can listen again and search for my answers.

Google Review by Holly Christian

She is blessed with a gift and I’m so greatful that she shared it with me today.She made me feel comfortable,and gave me a lot of closure so that I can move on with my life❤️

Google Review by Karen Goucher

This was my first ever reading and boy was it real. She does an excellent job. I would recommend her to everyone. I plan on having a party with her.

Google Review by Gina Koch

Amazing experience. I left with such a feeling of peace. Just what I needed.

Google Review by Renee K

I went to Matina to find some closure with certain things that have been happening in my life. She was not only able to connect with my loved ones, she was right on with things about how they passed, who they were and what events had been happening in my life. She was able to provide me with the information I needed to find peace. I highly recommend her, as she is a lovely person, who has a wonderful gift to share.

Google Review by Jennifer DeSchryver

I had an hourlong phone session with Matina. She was very professional, kind, and forthright. She connected with my mom right away. Everything she said from my mom was extremely specific and accurate to my mom’s situation. I have no doubts about Matina’s abilities. It was a great comfort and an amazing experience. I will be definitely using Matina’s services in the future.

Google Review by Jennifer Thompson

My session was amazing! Matina made me feel like family and just better about my relationships with loved ones that have passed and my relationships with loved ones who are here. I needed this to help me move past my Grandma’s passing. I will go back as soon as I’m able.

Google Review by Gregg Miller

Matina was very nice and my first experience with a medium and she made me feel comfortable. I enjoyed our visit and she was able to answer questions I had. Some things came up which I had no connection with, however, on my drive home I realized what was said, I could relate to. How fun it was to chat and find my grandmother is with me in spirit as I have always known.

Google Review by Billy Mccarty

Ok first off you ask yourself, is this for real? Is this possible?
As for me and what I experienced, YES! YES! YES!
Let me explain…..she didn’t know me or even friends with me on any social media and my Facebook is blocked there was no way she could know anything about who I lost and how they passed and things that people just wouldn’t know even if they dug deep and I mean C.I.A. deep.
Only thing I have to say now is thank you Matina for the reading it has defiantly helped me on my path and just to know my son is ok and always with me brings a smile to my face when I think of him and no longer a sad one for this is priceless thank you from the bottom of my heart

Google Review by Jessica MH

My mother and I drove for three hours to see Marina. From the moment we walked in she made us feel comfortable and welcome. Matina exceeded all expectations we had. She touched on subjects she could not have known or guessed. We left with so much comfort and closure. Matina was such a blessing to us today. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Google Review by Brittany Everitt

Matina always has answers for me. I highly recommend her if you need closure or questions regarding someone who has passed.

Google Review by rach Marko

My experience was simply amazing. Nailed everything dead on & I feel completely at peace. Best experience I have ever had. I got exactly what I was looking for. My questions were answered. Seriously such an amazing gift you have. I have told a few people about my visit who has lost loved ones and they are wanting to go now. I highly am recommending you to everyone. Thank you so much for everything! Truely worth the visit.

Google Review by Jessica Matteoni

I had never been to a physic before and i was nervous walking in. She opened up her home and made me feel very comfortable. She was able to connect with a few people who have crossed over and said things no one could have possibly known. She took her time and explained every thing, the appointment even ran an extra 30 mins long. She did not stop reading until all the sprites left. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to connect with a loved one or just looking for guidance. I will be booking a second reading with her in the future.

Google Review by Kaitlyn Adler

My friend and I went to see Marina last week, and I’m still at a loss for words to even explain to you JUST how amazing this women is. And the experience in its self. I connected with many people who passed but I also learned a lot about my ability to connect with loved ones as well. The environment is relaxed, Marina personally is an amazing women! I would HIGHLY recommend! And she takes her time which I loved. It was with every penny. thanks Marina!

Google Review by Kettisha Hodges

Matina is truly a blessing! Her spirit is amazing and her compassion as well as her passion shines. Thank you for allowing me to share personal issues in comfort as well as support.

Google Review by Allison Tzadok

I came to you twice in the past 3 years. My husband came with me the first time and during the session I connected with my sister. You had said something about us having a hard time getting pregnant and my sister had said she was working really hard to make it happen because we deserved a baby more than others who had it happen so easily. You said you kept seeing a one and that my sister said a baby girl would be coming. Well we have a baby girl! And she was born on my husband and my 6th anniversary for the very first day we ever met. When she I was born my husband and I just looked at each other and smiled and couldn’t believe how everything panned out and there was our one that you saw!

During that same session I connected with my sister and things were said that truly nobody would have known. I remember you saying that I had a piece of artwork of hers hanging up in my house and I had serious goose bumps. Also during my session, the language that was used was as if it came flying out of my sisters mouth directly.

I was emotionally drained but it was an amazing experience. I had never been at peace over the loss of my sister and I felt a sense of relief leaving your home. Since my two sessions, I have been able to come to terms with everything and look out for any signs that my loved ones are watching overhead.

Google Review by Alice Lohaus

I went to see Matina because I needed to connect with my close friend who passed away unexpectedly almost a year ago. I did not offer up any information about myself to her, nor did she ask for any before hand. Matina was immediately able to connect with my friend without even knowing that’s who I was waiting for. She knew details that she could have never possibly came up with on her own. She spoke the way my friend would have. This was my first time ever seeing a medium and I couldn’t ask for a better experience. I was really nervous at first but Matina make’s you feel so welcome and comfortable right away. I highly recommend scheduling a session with her if you are looking to reconnect with a loved one and want to feel lighter and more at peace when you leave. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Matina! You really have no idea how much our visit on Sunday meant to me.

Google Review by narsh27

Matina is amazing! We had her over for a private party with 10 ladies and we had such a great experience! She hit right on with multiple ladies and helped so many of us get the closure we needed!
My main advice is to go in with an open mind. In my opinion I was so focused on hearing from one person that I felt that I blocked anyone else from coming through. She made such a great point that it’s not who you WANT to hear from but it’s who you NEED to hear from!
We are actually planning another party to have her again hopefully in the near future!
She is the REAL DEAL!!!
Thank you so much for everything Matina!!!

Google Review by Claire Keil

I loved seeing Matina. It was truly comforting to talk with her and she made me feel more as ease with my sisters passing. Very informative and I had even went to a medium before her about a year ago and it was nothing like this time. I Highly recommended talking with her, very insightful!

Google Review by Michael Butler

I just wanted to take a minute and send you a quick note to let you know what a wonderful experience it was to meet and share our mutual spiritual experiences. You are a wonderful person and someone whom I am glad to call a friend. I am always open to someone who has your great spiritual insight and maturity with the subject. You displayed great sensitivity to the plight and grief that parents suffer through in the loss of a child.

Your friend in Jesus Christ,

Michael Butler, PE

Google Review by Mary Ball

Great first time experience. She made me feel very comfortable. I’m a believer! She told me some things that only me and the other person would know. Wonderful experience!

Google Review by Lauren Bailey

I was blown away with my meeting with Matina. She knew things that she couldn’t have possibly have known if she hadn’t been connecting with the spirit world. She brought me closure that I desperately needed. She was very welcoming and kind.
Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me.

Google Review by Rita Prater

Absolutely loved her. Everything that we discussed my grandparents and my uncle my life was all on point. I’m so grateful that I made the trip to see her highly recommend anyone going to speak with her she is such a lovely person and she gave me a wonderful gift

Google Review by Katie McCarthy

Amazing. Can’t put into words. She helped me receive so much closure. She said the person I needed to connect to the most before I even sat down. Highly recommend!!

Google Review by Jeni Slane

Matina did a group reading for me and 5 other co-workers. It was absolutely amazing, she definitely has a gift. We didn’t quite know what to expect and were all blown away. A lot of tears but we all agreed it was a great experience. Highly recommend!

Google Review by michele K

Thank you for the experience.
I will write my letters of forgiveness.
Thank you for your kindness and understanding. Thank you for giving me information for here and now. Thank you giving me understanding of the past. Now I love seeing my future. Thank you for the peace of mind.
Hugs and more hugs..

Google Review by J Poklis

Matina was very friendly. She connected me with my mother, who had passed recently and my father who had passed 20 years ago. She validated some things for me. I hadn’t felt my father in such a long time, and she assured me he is still with me. That made me feel good. She really stressed to me that my parents want me to go back into my healing work because that is what makes me happiest. And, when I do this, he will be with me more.
Thank you Matina. Good to meet you.

Google Review by the pretty gall Hamilton

Thank you Matina! My sister and I visited you on Sunday 3/12 and I was very nervous at what to expect. You were extremely comforting and welcoming. Your reading to me was truly eye opening and the reassurance it gave me was phenomenal. All The Best!

Google Review by Crystal Otte

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit with Matina today!! There were definable mementos in which I could see my loved ones behaviors, quirks and personalities shining through. I will stay in touch as you know I probably should! Thank you for your guidance and reassurance. Much love…

Google Review by Traci Kline

Matina was so warm and personable. She was able to connect to four family members that have passed on. It helped me get closure and reassured me my loved ones are happy and pain free.

Google Review by Kolten Ray

Such an amazing experience! Matina knew things about my family that no one would know. It helped my mom, who was going through a very difficult time. I will definitely be back!

Google Review by Digby Dooright

Great experience! Matina is the best. I got to talk to my Grandma and my best friend who passed away. It was very shocking she knew some things no one else would know! Would definitely recommend!

Google Review by Andrea Theohar

Second time seeing her bith times were more than I could have asked for.

Google Review by Tracy Facciolini

I had a reading a few years ago and she was spot on!! She told me things nobody knew besides myself and family! Highly recommend!!:)

Google Review by brandon rector

Great experience! She knew details that nobody else could possibly know. Helped me contact a long lost friend

Google Review by Kaytlyn Eidal

I really loved my reading with Matina! I went with my mother and the reading was very relaxed and accurate on most everything a few things we didn’t understand but she said in time it will make sense. I am hopeful that a future reading will even make more sense and make me feel even more complete and okay about what has occurred in life at this time.

Google Review by Susan Gutierrez

I have known Matina for years. From the very first reading, and consistently every reading thereafter I have never been disappointed! She is the real deal: heart-felt and loving. I always walk away from a reading with her feeling uplifted, the messages she brings from my loved ones is always spot on!

Google Review by Sherry Heida

We had Matina over for a private family reading and it went very well. We were hoping for our mom to come through and she did, along with a couple of other relatives. We were told some details that no one else would know, so we knew it was our mother. It helped to hear from her and to know she was happy and no longer in pain. It was a fantastic experience and we are so glad we had a reading by Matina.

Google Review by Patriot Homebuyers

Highly recommend. I took my mother with me and Matina was able to bring things up that were not known facts outside of our family. Very comfortable and welcoming environment.

Google Review by Meghan Sauer

Thank you for an amazing first experience! Matina’s beautiful space and warm personality makes for an ideal comforting environment to hear from loved ones. The person I came to hear from came through immediately and Matins relayed messages, affirmations, and love from her. Thank you!!

Google Review by Angelena Donnelly

I was a first timer today and i was very nervous about going. After my reading i felt better than i have for awhile. She told me things that she could have not known. I will be back to see her. Highly recommended

Google Review by Denise Laumeier

She told me things from my Grandma that she could never have known. She’s the real deal. I left there feeling so at peace and yet so excited to have finally found a connection with my grand mother.

Google Review by Erica Spates

Thanks for a better understanding

Google Review by Phyllis Baugh

Highly recommend! Matina is very personable, made me feel extremely comfortable. My reading was 100% accurate!! I know I am leaving with a new outlook, and much better understanding. Don’t wait.

Google Review by Lindsey Rector

I’ve never experienced ANYTHING like I did with Matina! She knew nothing other than my name and number and she communicated things to me only I knew. I was able to connect with my grandmother who I lost within the last year, and the baby I lost last month. I needed to hear from these people more than I ever knew! I would recommend her to all my family and friends! I will be going back in the future!

Google Review by Susan Frey

Matina was very inviting and had reminded me before my appointment to Keep an open mind , this really helped . We heard from the loved ones that I was so hoping to connect with . Very emotional experience, and I feel very blessed that I was able to meet with Matina. Thank you, I look forward to seeing you again .

Google Review by Erica McDonald

My experience with Matina was exactly what I had hoped for. I went with an open mind and knew to expect anything. I hoped to connect with loved ones that had passed and she had certainly done that for me. She was very personable and gracious and made me feel right at home. I can’t wait to talk with her again in the future.

Google Review by Jackie Starman

This was my second visit with Matina and wad as good as the first. She has been able to give my family peace and answers after a tragic death of a family member. There was things she shared that there was no way she would know. It is so comforting knowing that your loved ones are with you to guide and support you.

Google Review by Debbie Williams

Wow!! Was able to hear from my mom! Love and miss her so much! Had a couple of dear friends that have passed come through as well. I’ll be coming back!

Google Review by Cuivre Park

Excellent reading!! Quilting and woodworking that only my loved ones would know about. Can’t wait to return.

Google Review by Kathryn A

Thank you for this healing opportunity! Matina is amazing and I now have closure with those that have passed! Such an amazing gift she graciously shares.

Google Review by Erica Arrowsmith

I loved my session with Matina!! She’s a wonderful medium and has a very comforting personality, which makes it so much easier when you’re receiving potentially emotional messages from your loved ones. She has a genuine connection with the other side.❤

Google Review by Kelly Gowens

My aunt and I visited Matina. It was definitely worth it. I had a great connection with a friend of mine as well as my grandma. It was very rewarding and offered a lot of closure that I didn’t have prior. Thanks Matina.

Google Review by Sara LaRoseghj. M

I had an amazing experience that brought me much needed peace. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world.

Google Review by club memeber

I had an amazing experience! I had a party at my house and 8 out 9 people walked out of the room with tears in their eyes. She knew things that no one could’ve known. I will definitely go see her again.

Google Review by Courtney Bell

After meeting with Matina, I have peace of mind. I appreciated her advice to record the reading. After reviewing the session, I was surprised on how detailed and accurate she was on so many points. Thanks for your time and energy!

Google Review by Lia Milstead

Matina is the real deal! Great uplifting, peaceful experience. Highly recommend if you’ve lost a loved one to just communicate or if you need closure. Overall a wonderful experience!!! Thank you!

Google Review by Kaitlyn Williams

Matina was great! She was very kind and loving and we all felt a very positive energy from her. We will definitely be seeing her again soon!

Google Review by Renee Biernbaum

My first time seeing a Medium and was absolutely incredible! Matina was very welcoming and super friendly! She knew nothing meeting me and everything was spot-on and completely legit! I recorded the session and have shared with family members who are completely amazed and also thankful for this experience. I recommend Matina to anybody who has loved ones they miss and want to connect with. I would love to see her again!! Thank you so much!!!

Google Review by Heather Fleming

This is my second time seeing Matina and she is amazing. She is spot on and so personable. I always feel very comfortable around her and her information is very accurate and helpful during these tough times.

Google Review by Crystal Priscu

I had my first reading with Matina today and it was perfect. There is never a guarantee of who comes thru, but I was blessed enough to hear from the loved one that I wanted to, and it was exactly what I needed. There’s a sense of peace you get when you leave and I cherish that. Thank you so for the great experience!

Google Review by Cassandra Orr

It was a great experience for my significant other. I did a lot of research because we have never done anything like this before and Matina was fantastic! It was a surprise for my significant other and I gave her no information as to who we were hoping to connect with but she gave us new and old information that was detailed and rather specific! I would and will recommend her to everyone I know. Such a sweet person to be delivering the information as well. I read that she gave wonderful hugs and that is very very true. She was absolutely wonderful! Thank you Matina!

Google Review by Emily Meurer

She helped me so much with my loved ones coming through! She was super amazing! I got everything I needed answered! Highly recommend!!

Google Review by Rachel harris

My experience was simply amazing. All my questions were answered & I got to connect with my baby brother which I was not expecting too. I felt as though a weight was lifted off my chest after our session. I’m not sure if I’ll need to go back because of all the closure I recieved. I will recommend Matina to anyone. I am so thankful god brought me to her so I could get the closure I needed.

Google Review by Barb Flasch

This was my first ever experience but I’m so happy it was with Matina. She is wonderful. She helped a lot in the way of healing and happiness! It was very worthwhile.

Google Review by Kelly Pruitt

Dearest Matina, my reading today was truly an uplifting experience. Thank you so much for your time and bring me such a blessing in my message. The details and information was spot on…

Google Review by Laura Dienstbach Harris

Matina was my very first experience with a medium. She is authentic, did not require any prior knowledge or information from me with regards to my reading. I simply arrived ready to receive communication from my loved ones and Matina provided exactly that. She was amazing!

Google Review by Jane Zappia

My husband, daughter, and I visited Matina 5 years ago. We found the time we spent with her very reassuring and comforting. A lot of changes in our family occurred in the last 5 years and we felt it was time to revisit. Matina had insight and messages that were so intimate, authentic, and individual to our lives. We consider our time with Matina valuable, insightful, and encouraging. There will be a time we will see her again. We appreciate her gift very much.

Google Review by Jason Carosello

What a great experience! Matina is so friendly and professional. She was very welcoming and I feel as if I got some good closure. It was very surreal. I highly recommend Matina.

Google Review by krista hlinak

My reading was amazing. I needed to hear this. She talked about things I never thought she would bring up. Amazing!

Google Review by Kayla Shankle

This was the most amazing experience!!! She was spot on with my loved ones!!! I plan on making more appointments with her!!! I highly recommend her services if you or someone you know needs closure!! 😇❤❤❤❤

Google Review by Taylor Tobin

All’s I have to say is THANK YOU. What an amazing experience, she made me feel so comfortable. The reading gives me chills thinking about it, I would suggest for anyone thinking about going to go. Thank you so much Matina I really enjoyed our conversation as well as the reading.

Google Review by K E

I had the pleasure of meeting with Matina this past weekend. She was very personable and had a very comfortable setting to do the reading in. That eased the experience quite a bit as I was unsure what to expect. She said many things that were very accurate. There were a few things that were not accurate to me, but could have been meant in a different meaning than the way I took them. I need to go back and revisit the session I recorded. This was very emotional for me ( since she channeled my mom). I would recommend the experience to anyone who is curious. I can say I would be interested in visiting again. I was hoping to have vibed with a few other people who have passed that were close to me. Thank you Matina for your time and compassion. Cheers!

Google Review by Jenny Crouch

Matina was great and knew things that only my dad would have known. She was able to get answers for me that I needed to know. Going in I was a little skeptical but now I’m not. It was a great experience! Thank you Matina!!!

Google Review by Anne Schwabe

My husband and I had a great experience with Matina. She started by explaining how our time would be spent and invited us to record the session. Almost as soon as the session started, I was blown away by her gift and ability to connect with our loved ones. The messages received were not basic, “one size fits all” messages. They were specific messages that recounted events that have never been documented or thought about/ discussed in years. Matina provided a very open and comfortable environment and is very friendly. I highly recommend Matina.

Google Review by Ginger Morice

Thank you so much❤️ You truly gave me peace of mind!!

Google Review by Kimberly Smoot

I went in with an open mind, low expectations, and a hint of skepticism. To my surprise, not only did Matina, reach a relative I’ve been needing to talk to, but I received some messages I really been needing. Not to mention alot of information she presented about ne and my relative are things that weren’t common knowledge, googlable, or on social media.

I felt very comfortable and welcomed in Matina’s home and very appreciative of the entire experience.

Google Review by Angela Billiter

Went and saw Matina and she was very professional and she said a lot of things that related to my loved ones that passed on. I would recommend her to my friends.

Google Review by Christopher Brown

I just met with Matina today, I had never met a medium but she is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL. Kind and beautiful spirit I also love the fact that she incorporates Jesus in what she does. I had been feeling so down and sad due to the untimely death of my grandfather. He was the first person that came to her and it was truly what I needed. I told her nothing about me but everything she mentioned was dead on! I suggest her to anyone, it was the closure I needed. Thank you again Matina!!!

Google Review by Kristen Helm

Matina was wonderful, and gave us information from our loved ones that she couldn’t have known!! I will recommend her to all of my friends and family!!! Can’t wait to see her again!!

Google Review by janet jones

Just had my first reading and it was awesome! Will deffently be using matina again one hour was not enough. As soon as she left I though of 100 more questions I have to ask. She is the sweetest lady and made me feel very comfortable . Can’t wait to do it again!!!!! Would give more starts if I could!

Google Review by Kaylee Johnston

One of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I went in very skeptical and left a believer. Matina is the real deal, but not only that, she’d compassionate, understanding, and a joy to spend the afternoon with. Thanks for everything!

Google Review by Kylee Pelton

Marina was awesome! I was so nervous to come meet her and get a reading but once I got there and started talking it was great! She was so warming and loving and was spot on about everything she said!

Google Review by Cheryl Chadwick

I met with Matina for the first time today and was truly amazed. She is kind, compassionate, sincere, and the real deal. There was no way she could have known many things that she told me. I left feeling so much lighter and peaceful. Thank you Matina!

Google Review by Lisa Buescher

Thank you, Matina! My friends and I had a great experience with Matina! Would highly recommend her:)

Google Review by Amanda McAtee

This was my first time going to a medium, i wasnt really sure what to expect. She said things she would have never known. It was nice connecting with my dad. She is a very kind woman and felt nervous going and was at ease soon as i walked in the door. I will definitely be going again. Thank you matina

Google Review by Lularoe Michelle Rodgers

Met Matina tonight for the 1st time. She was very nice and went in depth of her journey to where she is today giving background information. The reading was very deep and heartfelt and things pointed out were spot on. Since it was just tonight, the next days will be interested as all is taken in still as being shocked with things brought up. I am certainly a believer in Matina and I cannot wait to schedule a personal / private reading (we did a group party *readings separate) as I know she just touched the iceberg in depth. I would highly recommend her in taking a step to listen to her for anyone that is yearning for information of loved ones crossed over. It makes things more settling for sure.

Google Review by Julie Kauffmann

I first met Matina last year at a psychic fair. She was the one I felt most connected with that day. Even though the room had a lot of noise and it wasn’t a private setting – she was focused and it was a great reading. It was as if the room disappeared around us.

Recently I met with her for a private reading. Even better! I left feeling full of light and happy. I felt there were definitely connections and messages from the other side. She was “”spot on”” in countless ways. Very sincere and genuine.

I highly recommend Matina!

Google Review by Christy Overton

Matina was able to immediately connect with my loved one, and it was a blessing to have a reading with her. She brought more peace than I can explain. I am forever thankful for her.

Google Review by Lisa Frumhoff

Wonderful. I’m so impressed and happy for this day today with Matina. She is brilliantly connected and I feel so happy right now with connections and messages I was able to receive. Thank you Matina!

Google Review by Stephanie Brown

Matina waa GREAT! SHE welcomed me and my sister sara into her home and with just knowing our names it was amazing how she KNEW so much more. Thank you so much. You will never know how much you helped us.

Google Review by Susan Sampson

Wonderful experience, helped with questions that needed answers. Gave me peace and reassurance! Will be returning!!!

Google Review by Jessie Bluestone

Going into this experience i was very nervous and on edge. i didn’t want to bring in any dark spirits or anything like you see on tv. Matina reassured me that she only “works in the white light of God” & it really was so. She only knew my first name, nothing else about me. She started saying things that literally no one would have known. I truly appreciate her services and the entire experience has truly brought me closure and peace with the absence of loved ones in my life. Matina the Medium is the REAL DEAL!

Google Review by Carolyn Star

Truly gifted! Reading was done with great compassion. Highly recommend!

Google Review by Deanna Haefner

I am 100% confident that exactly who I needed to have closure with showed up when I went to see Matina. She is kind, compassionate yet delivered exactly what I needed to hear. Said, I would add exactly how my relatives would have said it. I am so grateful and honored to have been lead to Matina and experience her gift first hand. AMAZING – I am telling anyone who will listen. Go forth in love and see Matina!

Google Review by Angel Noone

This definetly had me crying she was so accurate. And I can NOT PRESS MORE to PLEASE go to her ,she is AMAZING and by the end of the reading you will feel like a new person.

Google Review by Taylor Bauer

I was in need of closure and I received that and much more when i went to visit Matina. She was VERY polite and immediately made me feel right at home. She gave a little background story about her and how she started her journey. Never once did she look at the clock or did I feel rushed. She also knew many facts about a boyfriend of mine who passed away ( December 21, 2015) that weren’t on the news or online. That was my first time reaching out to him. I recorded the entire reading and watch it on a regular basis. I plan to go back sometime soon to reconnect with him and see how things are going and possibly connect with people who didnt get the chance to come through during my first visit. After leaving i felt 100lbs lighter. PLEASE, if you need to hear from someone who has passed, go see her. You wont regret it.

Google Review by Jamie Co

Definitely an experience that everyone should go through! Matina was extremely nice and made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process!!!

Google Review by Emily Fingerhut

I saw Matina four years ago. It was the first time I had ever seen a medium and i was very skeptical. Matina brought forward messages from my former father in law, my friend that had passed and even messages from my great grandmother and great aunt. Matina conveyed things she never, ever could have known about any of these people, nor could she have researched. It was one of the most amazing and beautiful experiences I’ve ever had! Love you, Matina and thank you!!

Google Review by Sara Conte

Thank you so much for connecting me with my Dad!
You gave me and my sister the closure we were needing and I will forever be greatful!

Google Review by Melissa Jones

This experience was so great, I left feeling amazing and energized. She really is the real deal. Thank You Matina for being you.

Google Review by Liz Blackburn

It’s been 4 months since my mother passed & I’ve really been missing her. I desperately wanted to hear from her. I knew going into it that you don’t always get to hear from who you want to, but I had high hopes regardless. Matina immediately picked up on my mom’s energy and was able to give me messages from her that I needed & wanted to hear. I’m very grateful for this experience & want to thank Matina publicly & spread the word that she is the real deal & a very kind soul to share her gift with others! Many thanks to you Matina & much Love too!

Google Review by Nicole Buehrle

Wow!!!! I went to Matina with alot of questions in my mind that I was hoping to get answers to. She nailed them…I walked away feeling so much better and knowing that I’m doing the right thing(s) in life. I would highly recommend her to anyone that wants answers from a loved one who has passed away. Thank you Matina. You are a special Angel.

Google Review by Karen Kulage

I am still in awe after my experience with Matina. I went hoping to just get a bit of communication from my loved one but, Matina brought through more than I could’ve ever hoped. She said things to me in exactly the same way my loved one would’ve said to me, same phraseology, same words. For the first time since I lost my loved one, I finally feel at peace. She gave me exactly what I needed to hear and I’m sure it was directly from my loved one. She said things she could have never known in advance, she is the real deal! I highly recommend Matina to anyone, especially those who feel the need to re-connect with their loved one to find comfort and to know they truly are with you after they’ve passed. I am forever grateful to her for this wonderful gift!

Google Review by Shelley von Linsowe

Matina was my first experience with a medium and I had a really enjoyable experience! There were a few things I was uncertain on or confused by but I am hoping with time I will come to understand what they meant. I had a wonderful time reconnecting with my grandmother who has passed and was surprised to hear some other the things that Matina brought through about my grandmother and how true to her personality she still is on the other side. Thank you again, Matina!

Google Review by Dena Bailey

Thank you Marina for giving me the peace of mind I needed and the details of my loved ones.

Google Review by Rick Recht

My wife and I visiting Matina and had a deeply meaningful experience. Matina has such a joyous and connecting energy! It was so nice to not only connect with our loved ones through Matina, but connect with Matina herself… a very special person!

Google Review by kbick 15

I went to see Matina with my sister. While I wasn’t expecting to speak with our father who passed, I was so hoping he would be there and he was. He told Matina things she couldn’t have possibly known and the whole experience brought much needed peace to both of us. Many of the questions that have been weighing on us for so long were answered and he was able to tell us things that were weighing heavy on him as well. Such a wonderful experience and Matina is the sweetest and made us feel so comfortable.

Google Review by Running with The Wolfs

I am forever grateful for my reading with Matina. I was nervous to go see her because I had a lot of recent deaths in my family and a lot people I never got to say goodbye to. In particular my grandmother and father. Before going, I had told myself I hoped they both would come through in some way.

Everything single thing Matina said made sense to me. My grandma and dad came through first thing and she knew things that she could never know unless I had told her. She literally knew thoughts in my head from THAT morning!! CRAZY! She also provided me with some insight into my future which left me feeling hopeful. I was so emotionally, spiritually moved by this experience. I left feeling a sense of happiness, peace, and optimism. I have a different outlook on life because of my reading with her.

It was a very comfortable, relaxing, peaceful environment. I highly recommend seeing her if you want to communicate, or need closure or a sign that your loved ones are still with you. I definitely look forward to seeing her again. What an incredible gift she has!


Google Review by Layla Linehan

My experience was a very positive one. Matina was very kind and helpful in having me reach my loved ones. Thank you, Matine

Google Review by Katlyn Martin

Second time with Matina and still just as impressed! She read my sister and I together and we were amazed! Will see her again!

Google Review by Betsy L

I had my first experience with Matina and appreciated the time she took to explain how she works. She does not rush through a reading. I had hoped to get messages from loved ones, and Matina was able to connect and deliver information that made sense to me. I’m still processing it all and eagerly hope to understand even more in the days to come. I recommend Matina to those who have an open mind and a spirituality that embraces the messages from those who have crossed over.

Google Review by Krissi Crum

Great peace getting to hear from the other side. Would recommend her to anyone.

Google Review by Tony Shuster

My reading with Matina was very informative and a positive experience while providing me with helpful information. I connected with my parents which was very meaningful to me. Since my reading, we’ve referred other family members who have found answers and been pleasantly surprised by their readings with Matina. She is geniune and warm and makes you comfortable.

Google Review by Mallory Trendley

First off, I cannot believe how gifted Matina is. This was my first reading with a medium and I was truly blown away. My father passed in January this year all of the sudden and left us devastated.

I do believe that Matina was able to provide me with closure and clarity about my father. The things that she relayed nobody else could have known.

Her home is very welcoming and relaxing. She is very professional and sympathic. She told me that she will be done with the reading when our loved ones are done.

If your having doubts about Matina, I would highly recommend this woman. Her rates are extremely affordable, even though
you cannot put a price on re connecting with your loved ones.

I would recommend recording the session, as some things may not have made total sense until I spoke with other family members.

Google Review by albena Ivanova

I went to see Matina because recently I lost the person who ment the world to me.Although I knew mom is still here with me,I needed to connect with her so badly.I felt such a happiness and joy when Matina told me mom is there with us.This lady was really amazing and so kind.She was able to provide so many details that only mom and I knew about.Oh,Matina you gave me so much comfort and joy.Thank you from my heart.Highly recommend this lady and hope to be back.

Google Review by shannon miller

Amazing! Very accurate and detailed. Knew exactly who she was communicating with.

Google Review by Dionna Mckinney

Matina is simply amazing. She is a kind spirited person in general. But she is wonderful at what she does. I surprised my husband with a session for his birthday. He recently lost his mother and grandmother. He was a skeptic of the situation but agreeed to go. As soon as we got there, we were welcomed warmly into her comfortable home. I had told her nothing beforehand but my husband’s name and she was spot on about his entire life. He left the session with a new found clarity. And he said it helped him realize he was not crazy about feeling his mother’s Spirit. Matina was just what the doctor ordered for him and I am so grateful she was able to give him the closer he was looking for. I highly recommend Matina. Besides being great at her job she is also easy to work with and very professional.

Google Review by Curtis Skubal

This is my husbands account but my mother and I went to see Matina and had a wonderful session. She was very kind and calming. She knew specifics that no one else could know or be found on my Facebook page. After meeting with her I felt a huge relief and like I could move on with my life knowing what I know now. Thanks Matina you really helped me and my mom. I would recommend her to anyone.

Google Review by Paula Dittmer

I had met Matina last December at my sister’s house. She and her husband where having a Christmas get together for family and friends. It was a large party, so Matina could only spend about 15 minutes with each person. In that 15 minutes I was blown away. My husband had passed away in 1984 at the age of 31 and it was my first time connecting with him. She said things only he could of known, and the message was so needed and it touched my heart. I knew I wanted to see her again. So last week I went and I was once again blown away. My father who had passed came through and I can only tell you that he came through loud and clear. It was as though I was having a personal conversation with him. Much healing can come from this, and my soul was touched, and it brings you so much peace. Matina is fantastic, mind blowing and gives you exactly what you need to hear. Ive had many love ones cross over, and I can tell you, I will never have the need to go anywhere else for a reading. Ive been given tools for personal growth, and I will tell you, its worth every penny, and every mile you drive to see her. She is a blessing and I am so grateful that I met her and thankful she has this beautiful gift. Paula 😊

Google Review by Angela Latiolais

I saw Matina today and experienced the most wonderful thing in my life. I was able to hear from my precious son that I lost last June. I have spent the last several months in a severe state of depression, simply because I missed him so much and just needed to know that he was happy and at peace. I was able to hear this from my son through Matina today. I cannot express the peaceful feeling I now have. I truly feel as though Matina is an angel. She has a beautiful heart and made this so wonderful for me. Her home is very bright and relaxing. She made me feel so comfortable, even though I was very nervous and worried. I feel as though I have known her my whole life and am truly blessed to have found her. I would recommend her to anyone that is grieving the loss of a loved one. Thank you again, Matina. You changed my life today.

Google Review by Tiffany Nicole

Matina is a very gifted medium who made me feel entirely at ease with the process and delivered profoundly accurate messages from my mother, who passed 17 years ago. She provided many details that there is absolutely no way she could have known on her own. I found her to be very kind in the process and I have experienced a feeling of deep peace as a result of our time together. I shared the healing messages I received with Matina’s help, with the rest of my family, and I truly feel the session with her has brought great peace to them as well. I highly recommend contacting her. Thank you Matina!

Google Review by Christina Gawedzinski

Wonderful experience. Hit right on for so many things. Great session.

Google Review by Sharon Cocos

Matina was simply amazing! She knew things that was impossible to know. I was a little skeptical at first and asked my love one to give signs through the reading, which I receieved. I have the closure I was looking for. Thank you Matina for making me a believer. “Wow” is all I have been saying all day.

Google Review by Kelly Mattson

I came in to see Matina hoping to find some peace and closure from my husband’s passing. With an open mind ready to go, I was happy to hear some very specific points that provided me with what I came for. Although there are some things I need to ponder over, I was very satisfied and pleased to hear what Matina brought through from him. It helps to clarify for me that I do have his spirit watching over me, and my children, and always will. I am happy I traveled here to have the time with Matina.

Google Review by Elisa Reinhardt

My experience with Matina was very comforting. I was able to connect with my dad and felt a great deal of closure about losing him after hearing from him! She hit on things that only my dad would know and I am so greatful to know he is near to me even though I can’t see him. She also told me some great information about ny numerology. The overall visit with Matina was awesome! She is very easy to talk to and I felt very at home with her from the time I arrived. I did not feel rushed at anytime by her and she talked with spirit until they were done talking. I will definitely go back again!! I highly recommend this to anyone seeking closure 😊

Google Review by Ashlee Plume

I met with Matina this evening and it was my first experience with a medium. I can say it definitely will not be my last. Matina was wonderful and spot on and I am already looking forward to seeing her again. I will be bragging about my time with her for a long time to come. Everyone enjoyed their time talking with her this evening and we cannot wait to see her again. Her messages brought closure to my family and she knew things no one could of ever known. So much detail and information came through to us. I am thouroughly pleased with my time with her this evening. I cannot wait to see Matina again.

Google Review by Monika Sauer

Scheduled a reading from Matina for my mom for Mother’s Day, she had a wonderful experience connecting with her parents and really learning from Matina throughout the session. If you are thinking of going to a medium I highly recommend her, she was fabulous, personable, and very relatable!

Google Review by Nathalie

My husband & I went to see Matina last week. We each had our own separate reading with her. He went before me & the first person to come thru was his mother. Matina passed along a message to him that only my mother-in-law would have used in her own words. My husband was already crying at that point (I was sitting in an adjoining room). He had several more relatives come thru but the one that shocked him & caught him off guard was his nephew who passed away in college. He was stunned. Matina even told him “”this is unusual, I do not normally get names but he is telling me “”T****””. My husband’s grief & astonishment was evident. His brother also came thru & Matina said “”he is telling me that you named your son after him, he is honored””. Matina said “”I have never had this many people come thru for one person””. He told me afterwards that he felt at peace going to see her & it was one of the most calming & fulfilling experiences of his life.

My reading was next. I had only wanted one specific person to come thru but was open to anything. Right away Matina said to me “”you prayed for this person to be here today, she knows this””. It was my best friend who had died from brain cancer 6 months before & whose death has left me bereft & lost. It was such a beautiful & loving reading. Matina passed along a message to me in my best friend’s own words that I had told her on her last days, that no one else would have known. Even though tears were running down my face as Matina is speaking to me, I also felt love, laughter & happiness. She passed along a message that she wanted me to share to her family. That night, after the reading, I slept the best I had ever slept since her passing. Thank you Matina for sharing your gift. We truly appreciate what you did for us both.

Google Review by Amy Latta

I have had the opportunity to work with Matina three times, twice as an observer and once in a private reading of my own. Matina brings a calm to what could be a stressful or anxiety-filled situation, putting to rest any concerns I had; plus, her presence allowed me to take in the information she was sharing, deal with my emotions that came up, and leave feeling enlightened and physically lighter. If you are looking to connect with a loved one who has passed, Matina is a wonderful professional!

Google Review by Stormie Makenzie

Very accurate and helped with closure of my brother!

Google Review by Miriah Bean

We asked Matina to come to an event of ours at Dutch Hollow, and we were all suprised at how accurate she was on things! I would highly recomend!

Google Review by Melissa Stephenson

I started visiting Matina almost 3 years ago. Hoping and praying for even the slightest comfort while paralyzed by grief, I was Blessed by finding her on a web site. The first time we visited I was amazed by her gift. Multiple family members came through, my eldest sister, gone at just 31, my favorite cousin whom I had worried about for 20 years, a dear friend, my mother , grandmother and my Dearly Beloved Husband. Many questions were answered without even asking. So much comfort where there had been NONE. I was having terrible anxiety after my husband passed, and was so relieved and calm after Matina and I spoke.

Since that 1st visit I have visited many times, taken many friends who were suffering and feel as if she is a Dear Friend. The last friend I introduced to Matina told me the experience ranks up there with the birth of his children. Which speaks volumes about her gift.

For those of you far off, I have visited by phone and had the same warm satisfying experience.I have also been in a room of 45 people attending a healing weekend retreat and Matina’s gift is so strong that many of us had readings in an impromptu setting.

If you are a doubter, a nonbeliever or a sceptic, you won’t be when you your session is complete. If you choose not have this experience, you will miss one of the great wonders possible to experience in your life time.

My best to all of you.

Google Review by Karen Chamberlain

In May of 2015 I experienced a reading with Matina. I had no idea what to expect. I had lost several loved ones and I struggled dealing with the pain and heartache. Matina surprised me instantly when she told me I had several persons trying to come thru. I was totally amazed with the things she knew and told me. She didn’t know me, she didn’t know my family, yet she was able to reach several of them. I left my session with some closure and joy in my heart. It was the best money I’ve ever spent!!! I am now able to speak of my parents without totally crumbling. I will forever be thankful. Thank you so much Matina!!!

Google Review by Janelle Richardson

For twenty-three long years, I have yearned to hear from my mother, who passed unexpectedly and well before her time. Through the many hardships I endured throughout my childhood and early adulthood, in my despair I would wonder if she had witnessed any of it. My only consolation was seeing her occasionally in dreams. I chanced upon Matina’s website recently and in a spur of the moment decision, decided to call and set up an appointment. It was my first reading with a medium and I was excited and jittery when I pulled up to her home after a long drive, as I had no earthly idea what to expect. I secretly feared I wouldn’t hear from my mother at all – and let me emphasize – I did not tell Matina about who I wanted to speak to in advance or any details about my past.

Matina made me feel right at home in her charming and spacious sitting room and I felt completely at ease with her. I had no fear when she began the reading. By the time it was over, I truly felt it was the most healing and magical experience I have ever had. After a lifetime of missing, yearning for, and grieving over the absence of my mother, she came forward and certainly made herself known. She knew everything about my life – including details that no one else could have possibly have known – and even aspects of her vibrant, unique, and forever-unedited personality shown through. Marina conveyed it all – and for the first time since I was a very small child, I really felt as though my mother was with me.

I knew going in there were no guarantees of who would come through in the reading. I was fortunate enough to receive all that I wanted and more. Marina has a remarkable gift. I cannot justify in mere words how much joy, comfort, and closure I received in the experience. I left her home feeling lighter and finally at peace. I will absolutely recommend her to anyone with an open mind seeking closure and comfort that will remain with you long after the session is over. Thank you Matina – from the bottom of my heart and soul.

Google Review by Veronica

After my session, I felt joyful and at peace concerning the passing of my mother. I was very close to my mother and experienced a difficult time dealing with her death. I struggled with this for several years before finally scheduling to meet with Matina. Through Matina my mother was able to completely eliminate my concerns. As I listened to Matina relating my mother’s messages, I felt the love and the closeness of my mother. It was amazing! This was my first time using a Medium. I’m so glad that I decided to meet with Matina.

Google Review by Kevin Kennedy

Saw her two times. Very good!

Google Review by Angela Martin

What a wonderful and fulfilling experience with Matina!

I had scheduled a party with Matina with several family and friends but mostly it was for me to connect with my father who had passed. I was very nervous as I did do plenty of research on Matina prior to booking, I was still unsure if she was the “”real deal””. I found out within the first 5min. that she absolutely was!

I would recommend if you are looking to connect with a loved one that has crossed over, contact Matina. Amazing experience!

Google Review by kelly Maddox

I know people have this gift. I knew I was also sceptical because their r fakes out there. I made the appointment for the following week. A friend drove with me as I live 90 minutes from Matina. First I have to admit I was late. I had 1:00pm on my calendar. Poor Matina had tried to reach me for my NOON apt. Lol. But she was kind and read me anyway. Matina knew nothing about me or the person I hoped to hear from. Within the first 2 minutes of a male figure coming through I knew it was Jeff. Matina said Spirit was saying a husband figure. I said no x fiance’. Jeff told Matina to say “might as f $(%#( well b husband”! Lol. I wanted to know that our time together was real. Without me saying a word or asking a question jeff knew what I needed. He told me he loved me then and loved me still and our breaking up was the stupidest mistake he ever made. He talked about our plans of moving to Texas when i retired. There was an hour with Matina with more confirmation that it was Jeff. I left the reading with great comfort knowing he was finally happy and no longer in any pain. I recorded the whole session so that I could listen to it when I start missing him. I know some will think this is crazy but that is their deal. Thank u Matina!

Google Review by mary gustafson

You will be bathed in the white light of love…

Google Review by Carol Mitchell

I met Matina at a group reading and was so impressed with her messages from loved ones that I wanted to have a private reading with her. My parents have been deceased for many years and I just lost two close friends this past year so I thought someone would come through with messages for me. As soon as the session started, my mother came through loud and clear, just like in life. My mother passed from cancer 16 years ago and Matina could not have known anything about it, but she was providing me details as if she had experienced the entire process herself. Matina told me all about the diagnosis, treatment, and my mother’s passing. When my mother was nearing the end, she would talk to spirits in the room, who I assumed were relatives. For 16 years I wondered who my mother was talking to and in the reading, Matina told me it was my mother’s parents, brother and cousin. I did not ask Matina about the spirits, but I had asked my mother so she was able to send me the message. I received other messages that day from other loved ones and was even nudged by one spirit to have his wife contact Matina for a reading. My friend did have a session with Matina and was able to connect with her husband who had died exactly one year earlier.
My session with Matina was such a lovely experience and confirmation that our departed loved ones are still connected to us and witness everything that is going on in our lives. I would highly recommend Matina to anyone who is seeking to connect with a departed loved one.

Google Review by Lori Mac

I have had 2 Readings with Matina. She is Fabulous. Anything connected to a lost Loved One is always sad and yet my experiences with Matina were both Joyful and Exciting. I was hoping to connect to my Dad who has passed. To my amazement she connected with him from the very first moment and other loved ones as well. Matina told me specifics about my family life that she couldn’t know. She told me that I was present when he passed, but that my 1 sister was sad that she wasn’t there, which was true. She relayed information about various family Events that she was hearing about from my Dad. These had occurred since he passed. That let me know that he is Still with us and knowing what is going on in our lives. It was a Great comfort to hear that my Dad presented himself to her as happy and “Dancing” and wanting me know that he no Longer has difficulty walking as he had here on earth. That surely made me smile. Matina captured my Dad’s personality and wonderful sense of humor. It was such a joyous experience that I later told my family “I had lunch with Daddy today”. Matina uses her Magnificent Gift with Compassion and Love. She truly wants to bring you comfort and add happiness to your life. You won’t be disappointed. A reading with Matina is an uplifting Experience.

Google Review by Jaime Hardy

I had a great experience with Matina!

Google Review by Tamara Duckler

Matina was so comforting, she told me things that no one could know. She has helped me with my loss in profound ways.

Google Review by Paula Mckinney

Matina was excellent, will definitely see her again,

Google Review by Debby Hom

Spot on about my parents making me give up a baby

Google Review by Sarah Ruggeri

Wow, I am almost speechless. If you are a skeptic, I challenge you to go see her and not be a believer after that.

Google Review by Candi Logue


Google Review by Crystal Geron

Matina was Amazing!!!!!!! I would most definitely recommend her to my family and friends!!!

Google Review by Pam Shankle

Amazing,remarkable,provided healing

Google Review by Maria C

Great session with Matina yesterday. I went in with an open-mind. I would recommend Matina. She is very professional and caring.

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