My Personal Experience with Death.

In 2019 I had a stroke and almost died. Being admitted to the hospital after having a stroke was one of the most frightening things that happened to me.  The doctors at Big Barnes Hospital told my daughter they didn’t think I would make it through the night because my condition was so bad.  I had had several strokes that affected the central nervous system in brain that controls, thoughts, speech and motor skills. 

They advised my daughter to pray and let see we make it through the night. The next day I started saying yes, no & I don’t know and that’s what exactly I said as none of it made any sense not even to me! My grandson happened to come visit & I started singing Happy Birthday to him. The doctors asked my daughter if it was is his birthday & she said yes. Then we all started singing. 

The doctors said the brain has mysterious way of remembering things.  As I began to recover they moved me down to the drop down unit and the 1st words I began to say was “because”.  They asked me to walk & I looked at my daughter in bewilderment as if to say why?  I didn’t know that I needed to learn to walk and talk all over again.

I had to go through 4 months of speech pathology and occupational therapy. My speech pathologist couldn’t get over the fact that I wanted to get back to where I was and how I worked both at home and in her office.

The most amazing thing during my recovery was that even though my brain was unable to make complete sentences or thoughts my mediumship connection with spirit was NOT AFFECTED. To my bewilderment when I would connect to the other side (your loved ones) my speech and thoughts were perfect. Spirit was speaking thru me as they do and there was no difficulty at all. It just goes to show you that the medium is just a messenger or vehicle for spirit communication.

This was a long recovery for myself and my family but I thank GOD every day for each day I’m alive and not handicapped.  I will always work with him.  This has strengthened my releations with God even more and now I am not afraid to die!

To honor the Anniversary of this life changing event, I’m offering sessions for $140 per person for the month of October!

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