Show Me St. Louis Visits Matina The Medium’s Group Session

Watch as Matina the Medium talks with a group of people and connects them to their loved ones on Show Me St. Louis!

You can sit back and watch the whole feature and if you prefer reading the transcript, scroll on down and you can read the whole thing!

Transcript of the Show

Courtney:  Back in February, we invited a Medium into our studio and she gave Dana and Anthony a live reading on the air. What follows is a portion of what happened during that event.

Dana:  Initially, both Anthony and I were quite skeptical; wouldn’t you be?  At the same time, we were intrigued and curious to see what might happen during a reading so we agreed to have it done “on air.” To our great surprise Matina shared details that have never been shared publicly. Here is a snippet of that show for those who didn’t catch it.

Matina:  Have you lost your dad?

Dana:  My father died when I was 19.

Matina:  He did die, ok.  Sometimes it does not always come out like that.  Were you not around when he passed?

Dana:  I was … (Dana paused and seemed unable to continue on. She looked to Anthony for comfort and reassurance)

Matina:  (Confirming) You were not there when he passed.  He wants you to know that he’s around you; he wants you to know that it’s ok that you weren’t there; that you should not feel regret or guilt because you were not there.  I feel like this happened quickly.  She acknowledges, yes.  Just know that you can talk to him anytime.

Dana:  That was 100 percent accurate and crazy and I could barely talk during that; you saw me.  I knew if I started talking, tears would be streaming down my face, which has never happened before, especially when I was “on air.”  It was an incredible experience though.

Courtney:  I can’t even imagine how you felt.

Show Me St. Louis Video in Matina’s Home

The “Show Me St. Louis” crew visited Matina at her home. During that group session, Matina shared messages that came from people who have passed away. The crew certainly didn’t expect what would happen that day, which is very obvious if you take a look at the video.

Dana:  This is Matina and we are gathered in her home. Professionally she is known as MatinatheMedium.

Matina:  I’m going to go around the room and see what messages I’ll be able to get for each of you.

Dana:  Matina is hosting this group session with people she never met before.

Participant:  (Wishing to clarify) I don’t know her and I don’t follow her on Facebook.

Dana:  Matina has been a practicing medium since 1990 and her work doesn’t just stop when she is working with a client. Something as simple as a trip to the grocery store can turn into so much more, especially if she feels a message coming through for a stranger, for someone she has never met before. She might walk up to that person and deliver the message that is coming through. That message might be welcomed . . . or not!

Matina:  The definition of a Medium is one who connects with loved ones who have passed away and shares their messages with those who are still here and, in many cases, are greatly missing that person. I explain it this way, “I have made this my life for almost 30 years and I absolutely love this work.  Helping people is what it all about.”

Dana: And, of course, many people watching this can be skeptical.

Matina:  I am sure that is true and it’s ok to be skeptical; I welcome healthy skeptics.

Dana: Matina has given messages on planes, in department stores, boutiques, parks, house parties and more.

Matina:  I ask for calm, (You asked me who I ask for calm when I did my meditation today).  I ask God to keep me calm and also I ask for whomever is going to come through to come through with facts, memories and love.

Dana:  It did not take long for this group session to become emotional for Julie Peters.

Matina:  Has you mom passed? Yes; I am sorry. What you need to know is that she lives on, she’s not dead but very much alive; she wants you to know that she is in and out of your life; she knows all about what you’re doing with your sons because she goes to their games. (At that point Matina creates a heart shape with her two hands and says, “She’s giving you hearts.” Julie shows Matina the jingle heart she is wearing around her neck.) 

Dana:  This was Julie’s first time having an interaction with a medium.

Julie:  It was pretty awesome.  As for the hearts, my mom gave me this necklace long before she passed and said that when it jingles, I should think of her.

Dana:  Matina took time with everyone in the room, including Billy McCardy.  Did you lose a child or did your wife have a miscarriage?

Billy:  We lost a child.

Matina:  I’m sorry. Spunky. This was a spunky infant.  If this doesn’t make sense, please tell me.

Billy:  It makes sense.

Matina:  No parents should ever have to bury their child and I want you to know that he is always around. Sometimes you might hear a musical thing go off that nobody is touching, that’s him letting you know, “Hey Dad I’m here.” He acknowledged that, yes, that does happen.

Dana:  This was Billy’s first time hearing a message from a Medium.

Billy:  It’s real and right on. It really hit home. I just can’t believe it.  (Billy shows everyone a tattoo of his son on his arm.) He was born on September 8, 2008, and passed away December 15, 2008.  It was good to know that even though he’s gone, he is still around, and still following me.

Matina: That brings parents such comfort, that’s what I feel; very comforting for the parents and for me it’s beautiful that I can make that happen. Wow!

You can find more information about Matina on her website at; you can also check her out on her Facebook page. Look for Matina the medium.

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