Testimonial from Danielle

“All of the information you described EVERY BIT of it was completely accurate for me. The lady who came through in the very beginning was my mom’s friend, I just didn’t realize when she crossed over that she would be looking out for me so much. HOWEVER, if you know my mom like she did, then you would watch out for me too! LOL! You gave me information about family members that my mom was able to confirm for me. The purpose of my reading with you was to verify all my suspicions(inner voices & feelings) that I needed very badly to know that I had family members who care. Ahhh~my reading was just perfect! I really felt I was guided to find you Matina. Also, the boy who came through who was shot, well he accidentally shot himself & yes his parents had been struggling with that information. This happened a few months ago. They believed it was possibly a suicide. I told them yesterday about his message(that it was not a suicide). I was able to let grieving parents know that their son did not do this on purpose and because of your gift Matina, I believe more than ever that this information will help. I also just knew that they would be home yesterday morning, and they were. They even said they were supposed to go to work but cancelled. I already knew that.”-Danielle

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Goodbye to my mentor Mama Ellie

Goodbye to my mentor Mama Ellie

It is with great sadness that the woman started me on my spirituality path, passed away yesterday.  Thank you for everything.  Those who knew well called her Mama Ellie.  Say hi to our great group over there!  Love you forever ❤️ 💕...

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