Testimonial from Heather

“I had a wonderful experience with you the other day. I had several family members come through, along with a very special friend that I miss dearly. When you told me that my friend was giving you flowers to give me and there are “lots of orange” flowers, I got chills as he loved the color orange even down to the color of shirt he was wearing when he was buried. You also mentioned that he was impressed by the number of people that showed up to his memorial. You also knew that he had stomach cancer and his death was sudden. All of which, no one could have known. He passed away in a matter of weeks after finding out he was ill. During the reading you hit on things that I didn’t even know. I thought my brother that passed before I was born, passed from drowning in a drainage ditch. You told me it was a lake, someone was at fault and there was a lawsuit. It didn’t make sense to me, I questioned my mother a few days later and sure enough, you were right on! I wasn’t told the truth about what happened. There was indeed a lawsuit and someone was to blame for his death. I was shocked! Thank you so much for everything. You have a true gift!”-Heather

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Goodbye to my mentor Mama Ellie

Goodbye to my mentor Mama Ellie

It is with great sadness that the woman started me on my spirituality path, passed away yesterday.  Thank you for everything.  Those who knew well called her Mama Ellie.  Say hi to our great group over there!  Love you forever ❤️ 💕...

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