Testimonial from Helen

“Thank you for my beautiful reading yesterday. I didn’t know what to expect from the process and who would come through for me. I was completely surprised by the number of my loved ones that had messages for me. At one point, you described them as a big, happy, collective group that loved to have a good time. You said they were intertwined and therefore a lot of what you said applied to more than one person. This made perfect sense to me because I have lost many loved ones over the years and our families were intertwined because my in-laws and parents were good friends and would often be together to celebrate holidays, birthdays, etc.

My parents came through first and as soon as you said “what’s with donuts”, I knew, without a doubt that it was my mother. You specifically mentioned Dunkin Donuts which was my mom’s favorite, it was actually her trademark….everyone who would come to visit her would bring her some. Before her death she said she wanted everyone to think of her whenever they had donuts….you also said this in the reading. You described their burial site to a tee. You described in precise detail their childhoods and how difficult it was. There was even mention of the deep snow they had to walk in to go to school. At one point, you said my mom was telling you that she was a seamstress and sewed drapes, clothes, etc., she said she helped a lot of people, was a hard worker and fought her illness until she couldn’t fight anymore. She said she did a lot of things and was good at it all! Yes, she was! We had a conversation a week before she died, she said to make sure everyone knew that she was a hard worker, helped a lot of people, fought her disease with everything she had and that she knew how loved she was by so many people…..amazing!

I knew my mother and father in-law came through when you describe the sad woman who was heartbroken when she lost someone suddenly. She was never the same when her husband died suddenly of a heart attack, which you also said. You said 2 people died back to back, that referred to the death of my father and father in-law, they died 3 weeks apart in 1999. I knew for sure it was them because of the references to poker, casinos, Elvis and their love of music.

I delivered the message to my friend from her husband, he was the who came in a couple of times during my reading. He passed of a brain aneurism at age 40, leaving behind 2 young sons and a wife. Although I never met him, his wife is a very dear friend of mine. I had her listen to my reading yesterday afternoon, you said this person was connected to horse tracks and/or dog tracks, she said her husband went to both horse and dog tracks when he was younger quite a bit.
You referenced his coma and the decision being made to take him off life support. My friend needed to receive this message, the timing was perfect.

There were 2 loved ones that came through who told you they were only 60 years old. They both loved and played music, one was a scholar. This was my father in-law and my Uncle George. He was highly educated and musically gifted.

There was a couple of females that you spoke about that suffered from horrible stomach pains, nausea, and throwing up blood. Well, I knew this was my friend Diane and cousin Cathy because they both passed from gastric cancer. Diane passed a year and half ago and my cousin just recently passed away. You brought up about a male who had trauma to the head, like a gunshot, you said. I said I didn’t know anyone who died like that. That afternoon, I remembered that Diane’s husband committed suicide 5 years prior to her death, by a gunshot to the head. I never knew him but was close friends with his wife and 3 young children they left behind.

You mentioned someone died of breathing, lung issues like cancer or COPD. My mom had COPD and my aunt had lung cancer. I know for sure my Aunt Marty came through because you said someone loved their gambling and specifically all the perks that came along with it. She used to travel to Vegas and Atlantic City a lot to gamble and often enjoyed the perks. Also the reference of “Lincoln” referred to her as well because she drove a Lincoln and was so proud of that car. When you said “feast of watermelon, by water” it also reminded me of her. I was just telling someone this story a week ago of when she came to my house to visit me the summer before she passed. She pulled up in her big, white Lincoln, opened the trunk and had watermelons in there because she stopped at a roadside stand. We spent the evening eating watermelon and swimming in my pool, it was a wonderful night that I’ll never forget, we laughed and talked all night. She passed away a few months later. She was 55 years old.

You said someone had throat problems and a portion of their tongue removed, that was my Uncle Pat, he died from cancer at 55 years old.

All the numbers you bought up made perfect sense to me. You said someone was 1 of 11, my mom was 1 of 11. Someone was 1 of 9, my dad was 1 of 9. The number 4 was significant, I came from a family of 4 and now have a family of 4. 5 kept coming up, my mom’s birthday and mine are on the 5th of a month. 3 came up a lot. Dad’s birthday, mother in-laws birthday, both in March.

When you spoke about diabetes, that also could be a couple of people but when someone said “don’t forget about me, I’m here too” that had to be my grandmother, Ella. Whenever the big family was together she would say that because she wanted to be heard to….they all talked at the same time. I guess some things never change because they all talked at the same time during the reading! It was hard to keep track of who was who, especially because their health issues overlapped each other.

I know this email is probably way too long and I apologize for that but there was so much information in my reading.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful gift you given me, I really needed to hear certain things at this time.”-Helen

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