Testimonial from Jacquie

“I took my mom to Matina to connect with her brother who passed. We were unsure of the whole process and nervous. Matina made us feel comfortable and at ease. When Matina began her reading she explained what she was seeing. Matina was able to give us details that only my mom and I would know. She did an amazing job connecting with the sprits. I would highly recommend her! My mom and I want to go back already!
Thank you again for everything Matina. I really appreciate everything you did!”-Jacquie

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Testimonial from Anna

“I’ve been wanting to meet with a medium for quite a while. I decided to Google “Psychic Mediums in St Louis” and was immediately drawn to Matina’s webpage. I know that there are “quacks” out there, so I did my homework and knew she was the real deal. When I first met...

Testimonial from Kelly

“After meeting with Matina I was very happy with the reading she gave me. I was surprised on who came through, but her accuracy was right on. She told me things that no one else would have known. I do believe she is authentic and I would recommend her to people who...

Testimonial from Kristy

“Matina you are my angel. I want to thank you for connecting us with Jeff, it has been such a loss for us to lose a brother and you have brought so much peace to know he is with us more than ever and we will see his beautiful smiling face again. Thank you for sharing...