Testimonial from Jennifer

“I made an appointment with Matina not knowing what to expect. I was concerned for the wellbeing of my loved ones that had passed. I was also feeling very alone and had a void in my heart.

Matina knew many things no one else would know. I will list some of these for you below.

Matina was able to make contact with my dad, my brother, two aunts, three uncles, my father in law, and a high school friend. I knew who each of them were through their illnesses and their personalities.

While they were speaking of my mother (who is still with us) they mentioned a nickname they had for her. I completely forgot about that name. I have not heard it in about thirty years!

She knew my brother passed when I was out of town. She knew I received a phone call telling me of his passing, she also knew he came to me in a dream.

My reading with Matina was a truly healing experience. Yes, I do still miss them, but I know they are all together in Heaven having a great time. I also know they are with me always. My heart is healed!

Thank you Matina.”-Jennifer

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