Testimonial from Julia

“Recently my daughter, as a birthday gift, booked an appointment with Matina. I didn’t give it much thought, but I was open to the experience. Upon arriving for the session, I was impressed with the positive, peaceful atmosphere of the location. I instantly felt it was the right place to be.

Matina connected with many relatives, Mother, father, mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother, and grandparents. She would describe each person’s personality accurately. One in particular, my mother-in-law in which she described as fidgety, can’t sit still, always on the go. Poor Matina felt like she running and was out of breath. My mother-in-law never sat down and if she did it was just for a second, because there was always something she needed to do. Some little chore that needed to be tended to. Everything had to be very neat and orderly and she was constantly keeping her house neat and orderly. But she was quick to say “but now, over here, it doesn’t make any difference” “Who cares” I found this humorous considering her personality in life.

Even though there were many relatives there for me and Matina passed the messages of love they all had for me, Matina said they were aware that I was there in particular to hear from my husband and the rest of the relative were stepping back so he could speak with me. Matina referred to buying lottery tickets on Tuesday for Wednesday. Suggesting that I might want to do that. I told her that I had just bought tickets this past Tuesday for my birthday which was the same day as the drawing on Wednesday, but I had not won anything. We realized that my husband was aware of this. My daughter and I talked about the number of times he had played the lottery, but he had never won a significant amount of money. Matina relayed this message from my husband. “I may not have been lucky with the lottery, but I was lucky in love.” Matina said “he loves you very much.” Well that pretty much brought me to tears. He knew that I was at odds about selling our home. His suggestion “just make up your mind.” Always direct and to the point. Matina picked up on his Hiatal Hernia which was evidentially the cause of his death. She picked up on the fact that he was a soldier and loved being soldier and was very proud to wear his uniform, referring to himself as a “Dapper Dan”. Being very well dressed in his uniform. There was so much that my husband had to say, too much to be able to give the appropriate attention in a testimonial, but so personal and so heartwarming.
My session with Matina was so accurate, so detailed, so comfortable, so confirming…I left feeling so much better about myself. I think I would describe this as sort of a healing. Certainly makes you think about and appreciate what comes through from many relatives that have passed. I know I certainly felt and left feeling the love that my relatives expressed for me during my session. I was so impressed with the experience that I immediately took the audio recording and transcribed it for other relatives. I wanted them (in particular, my sisters) to have the same positive experience. It was a week later that my sister had an appointment with Matina and I accompanied my sister and was equally impressed with what my sister was receiving in her session. We are both very pleased that we had the opportunity to meet with Matina.”-Julia

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