Testimonial from Lyn

“I booked a party with about 6 friends for a reading from Matina. Several people in the group were a bit skeptical. Let me tell you, by the time the session was over, their skepticism was gone!!! My husband was not a part of the group, but was in the house during the reading. Matina asked me to see if he would mind joining us for a few minutes. This was somewhat of a challenge since he was the biggest skeptic. He agreed to come listen and got the surprise of his life! His Mother came through and everything she told him was spot on. I think he called everyone in his phone book to tell them about what an amazing experience he just witnessed. I could go on and on about how on target Matina was with all of my guests. They all want another reading tomorrow!!!
We never felt rushed by Matina. As a matter of fact, when she was finished reading everyone, she sat in a chair and visited and answered any questions thrown her way about her gift. I would recommend Matina to anyone wanting to connect with a departed loved one.

I am now obsessed and will be contacting Matina in the near future.”-Lyn

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Testimonial from Anna

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Testimonial from Kelly

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Testimonial from Kristy

“Matina you are my angel. I want to thank you for connecting us with Jeff, it has been such a loss for us to lose a brother and you have brought so much peace to know he is with us more than ever and we will see his beautiful smiling face again. Thank you for sharing...