Testimonial from Phyllis

“I went to see Matina with my sister and niece. I wanted to connect with my late husband. Matina welcomed us into her home, was extremely gracious and made us feel very comfortable. Before she started, she gave us her background, explained how she works, and answered all our questions. I liked it that she does not keep track of time; the session is not over until she stops receiving messages. I was able to connect with my husband and she assured me repeatedly that he is always with me, he is feeling no pain, and is in a beautiful place. She made it very clear by several things she repeated from him that she was indeed connecting. There were a few things I could not relate to, but perhaps that will come to me in a few days or weeks. Right at the beginning of our session, she told me she could feel my anger. I disagreed, stating that I was not angry about anything, but later that day I realized why she said what she did. It was very moving. I would recommend Matina should anybody ask me. She is the second psychic medium I have consulted since my husband passed, and I’m not sure I would go back. Not because of her personally but because she gave me what I was looking for and I now have peace and closure.” – Phyllis

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Goodbye to my mentor Mama Ellie

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