Testimonial from Sarah

“In May 2012, I had an extremely close friend of mine commit suicide. He was always a positive, happy, fun-loving socialite who was the life of any party. He was an extremely genuine and caring friend who I kept close to my heart, so it was hard for me to accept that he would end his life so suddenly at age 23. When he died, we all tried to fit the pieces together and find his reason for doing what he had done. One theory revolved around the fact that he had secretly dropped out of school. Graduation was approaching and he hadn’t told his parents, friends or even his roommates that he was no longer enrolled. He came from a strict foreign family, so many thought he couldn’t handle the pressure of telling his parents that he had let them down. He disappeared graduation weekend and was found about three weeks later. Police found him in the woods with evidence that he had taken his own life. I had an extremely hard time accepting his suicide, because there were many factors related to the incident that didn’t quite add up. I started to do some digging to see if my friend had been in some other kind of trouble, possibly with money, since he started selling personal items before he disappeared. I tried to talk with the police about the possibility of a bigger picture, but they insisted on closing the case. And they did. Fast forward a year later and I still felt uneasy about my friend’s death. For some closure, and maybe some answers, I decided to see Matina for a reading. Without ever voicing anything about the situation or even mentioning that I had a close friend pass, she picked it all up. Turned out that my intuition on the incident served true. My friend channeled through and explained to me that he was at the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong people. Dangerous people. He emphasized how important it was for me to stop digging for answers, but said he would always be with me whenever I needed him. The reading helped me begin to accept the unfortunate passing of my friend. I finally have some answers. Although it still hurts that he is gone, I know he will always be around to protect me and that really puts my mind at rest.”-Sarah

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