Testimonial from Shelly

“Matina, I would like to thank for coming out to our house on a nasty day with pouring rain to do a reading for us. You did not give up on us. You had a lot of hitMatina I would like to thank you for the reading you did for my sister and I. It really did help to hear from our loved ones, and as you said I was a little skeptical at first, but now I am becoming a believer. You were spot on about my brother and I being so close that we were like soul mates. He was my best friend when he was alive, and always watched out for me. Also to know that our father is with everyone and doing well was great to find out. I am sure that my sister is feeling a little more peace in her life since she now knows that her husband is safe and is wanting her to move on with her life. I have told her for a very long time that this is what he would want her to do. So now maybe she can. And to have my daughter come through put my mind at ease that she is ok and did not suffer from her accident. That has always been a question of mine. We are still thinking about our moments that were brought up that we could not think of at the time of our reading, but I am confident that they will come to us. Again thank you so much for your reading and the hospitality that you showed to my sister Carol and I. I am sure we will see you again only this time maybe we will bring our doubting mother and maybe open her eyes also. Thanks again.s on our reading. You had ask who has cerebral palsy and my son who is living has cerebral palsy. You also hit on someone crossed over with head trauma from a car accident. Our other son died from a car accident from head trauma. So you was spot on with a lot. So with that said, I would love to do another reading with you later down the road. Thank you so much!”-Shelly

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