Tips on Connecting to Passed Loved Ones

On Sunday, February 17, 2019, I gave a workshop for 30 people at a St. Louis Metaphysical shop called Silver Lining. The participants were divided into groups. While blindfolded, they were asked to use something called “clair” senses – the ability to see, feel, taste or hear something that is not physically present.

Have you ever seen, smelled, tasted or heard something that immediately brought to mind a person, place or thing? Perhaps it was a memory from childhood, a loved one you hadn’t thought about for years or just a strange feeling of “déjà vu.”

You’ll be happy to know – not only that this is perfectly normal but also that this is a “talent” that you can develop or enhance.

There are many different forms of these clair abilities. Let me give you some examples:

  • A Clairvoyant is one who is able to see things that typically cannot be seen with a person’s “normal” senses;
  • A Clairaudient is one who is able to hear sounds that typically are beyond the reach of an ordinary experience;
  • A Clairgustient is someone who has the ability to taste a substance even though it is not in his or her mouth;
  • A Clairsentient is someone who possesses the ability to feel information, thereby acquiring knowledge without specifically being taught in the traditional sense;
  • A Claircognizant can acquire not only traditional knowledge but also psychic knowledge and often actually is puzzled about how or why they came to know it.

At the workshop I referenced, each participant was asked to bring two things:

  • an item that had belonged to their departed loved one; and
  • a photo of themselves when they were young.

One by one participants focused on the item they brought and, as they gave free reign to their senses, many were able to see, hear, taste or feel a memory of their loved one or of themselves at a young age. It was an amazing adventure that we experienced together.

The bottom line was that most participants learned that they were more claircognizant than they could have imagined. That is, they were able to receive more psychic information than they ever could have imagined possible. Many of them considered the experience to be a real “eyeopener.”

“Why should I care?” some might ask. “That’s why I see a psychic – so that person can relay information to me.” That’s akin to asking why you should learn to read when someone else can read to you. The fact is that the more you develop any and all senses the more equipped you become to live your life fully, to appreciate all that is happening around you and, yes, to experience connection with others who are either on the planet and currently in your life or with those who have moved on. Their “spirit” is likely around you. So why not tune in to it?

If you recognize any of these “clairs” in yourself then perhaps it’s time to take a “deeper dive” to develop these budding talents, which can either help you to connect to your loved ones who have passed on or to understand things about yourself.


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